Injury Prevention

For committed athletes, there’s nothing worse than being sidelined by an injury. Parkview Sports Medicine performs innovative biomedical assessments – a tool that evaluates how well your body achieves movement – to begin the injury prevention analysis. During these assessments, our physical therapists use video analysis to identify deficiencies in movement and provide recommendations for improvement.

Biomechanical assessments can help you enhance your sport-specific skills and endurance while reducing your risk of injury.

The assessments aid in developing a plan to:

  • Perfect the movements required for specific sports
  • Encourage equilibrium between movements on both sides of the body and between muscles that work in opposition to each other
  • Strengthen muscles around a weak joint, or balance the flexibility of muscles surrounding a joint
  • Re-train muscles that perform poorly due to improper habit or poor posture
  • Identify and reduce tightness in joints causing limited range of motion