Parkview Cancer Institute

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Revolutionary Cancer Treatment

Parkview Cancer Institute is more than a state of the art facility, it’s a bold new approach to healing. We’ve brought the best ideas from the nation’s leading cancer centers, built them into one location and wrapped it with our patient-centered culture. Our innovative technologies, revolutionary care model and quiet, comfortable healing spaces are smarter, more efficient and built around you.

Cancer Care Centered Around You

Located on the Parkview Regional Medical Center campus, the all-new Parkview Cancer Institute offers a comprehensive array of cancer services, all under one roof. Diagnostic imaging, advanced treatments, specialty physicians’ offices, lab, nutrition clinic, gift and wig boutiques and more - it’s your one-stop center for everything outpatient.

Our café features a menu and special exhaust fans that minimize food odors which some cancer patients may be sensitive to. It also offers Starbucks® drinks, a smoothie bar and room service delivery to the third floor infusion bays.

This innovative design features “care pods,” exam and consultation space where specialists come to you – without having to go back and forth between various offices and locations. Your specialists come to you. In one room. At a single appointment.

Advanced Technology Diagnostics

At Parkview, you have access to the very latest technologies to diagnose and treat cancer. From our world-class Tesla® (3T) MRI system to the region’s only CyberKnife®, from highly advanced radiation suites to life-changing genetic counseling, it’s all right here.

Quiet, Comfortable Healing Spaces

We understand that healing involves more than just treatments and medicine. It’s found in other ways like comfortable, private interior spaces and hope-filled art. We asked cancer patients the features they would most like in a new cancer facility and found their wish list to include: light, life and warmth.

With your comfort in mind, Parkview Cancer Institute features a three-story indoor garden that invites visitors to pause and enjoy relaxing music and the beauty of nature. Throughout the building you will find large windows, nature-inspired artwork, comfortable seating, fireplaces and charging stations. Patients receiving radiation treatment even have a separate entrance and registration area to make their visits more time efficient.

Our infusion pods provide access to a family lounge, outdoor patio and spaces where you can receive your infusion in the company of another patient if you choose, or quiet, semi-private or private bays should you not. Each bay features a heated, massage chair for your comfort as well as a separate chair for your guest. Room service is available at your convenience throughout the day. The infusion floor also features floor to ceiling windows and an outdoor patio, bringing natural light and fresh air to your experience. 

Beautiful, inspiring artwork can be found throughout the Parkview Cancer Institute. Together with the unique architecture and nature-filled spaces, the artwork helps minimize the feeling of being in a hospital.

That’s better cancer care.