Parkview Regional Medical Center

2022 Magnet Recognition Program® Site Visit Public Notice

Parkview Regional Medical Center is dedicated to building a healthier community for you. It’s a whole new approach to healthcare. It’s smarter, more efficient and with advanced specialties and quiet healing spaces, and amazing new technologies that allow us to spend more time with you, our patient.

State-of-the-art care

Parkview Regional Medical Center at night

Located on an expanded north Fort Wayne campus, Parkview Regional Medical Center features quiet healing spaces, advanced medical specialties and amazing new technologies. The campus is designed for easy access from all major roadways.

This unique medical center provides more than 440 private patient rooms within this home-like environment for the comfort of our patients and their families. Teamwork among physicians, nurses and other professionals supports the facility's status as level II adult and pediatric trauma centers, an accredited pain center and a certified primary stroke center. Parkview Regional Medical Center also features specialty centers for orthopedics, women's and children's health, cancer and cardiovascular care.

Patient care areas are equipped with “smart” technology, which enhances efficiency of our physicians and staff members, allowing them to spend more time where it matters - with our patients.

Smart, indeed.

Smart rooms

  • Furnished with adjustable lighting in every room that you control.
  • Equipped with over-bed lifts in every room. This allows you to be moved in and out of bed more safely.
  • Interactive televisions deliver educational health content based on your needs.
  • Equipped with swinging “boom” arms that keep equipment off the floor. They are attached to the ceiling, so you can easily move them.

Children’s emergency care

We know that little ones need special care. That's why we have enhanced our services to create the Parkview Children's Emergency Care Center. It's a kid-friendly environment designed to help children feel calm and comfortable in an emergency.

An atmosphere of care

Artwork at Parkview Regional Medical Center

Artwork can play an important role in healing for both patients and visitors. At Parkview Regional Medical Center, you’ll find beautiful, original artwork throughout the facility, including pieces by local artists. An example is the Murosity® project in the emergency department family lounge, created by community members with guidance from local artists, honoring local philanthropists. Together with the warm color palette and beautiful architecture, the facility’s artwork helps create an overall feeling of health and well-being.