Become a Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Parkview.

The volunteers at Parkview Health are an essential part of our healthcare team, committed to provide quality care for our patients. A dedicated team of men, women and teen volunteers perform rewarding, enjoyable and valuable services for our patients, their families and the staff at Parkview.

April 15 is the deadline for summer volunteer applications.

To donate your time as a volunteer, please submit your completed application to volunteer services.

To learn more about volunteering, or to become a volunteer, feel free to contact the volunteer coordinator at the Parkview facility nearest you.

Parkview Hospital Randallia
(260) 266-1470

Parkview Regional Medical Center
(260) 266-1470

Parkview Huntington Hospital
(260) 355-3319

Parkview LaGrange Hospital
(260) 463-9009

Parkview Noble Hospital
(260) 347-8154

Parkview Wabash Hospital
(260) 569-2413

Parkview Whitley Hospital
(260) 248-9803

Parkview Home Health & Hospice 
(260) 373-9800 or (800) 363-9977 


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