Parkview LaGrange Hospital

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From the moment you enter Parkview LaGrange Hospital, you become the center of our attention. Whether you are here for emergency care, a surgical procedure, to deliver your baby, or to visit a friend or family member, our purpose is to provide you with excellent service every step of the way.

LifeBridge Senior Program

As we grow older, changes in our physical ability, loss of loved ones and isolation can lead to depression and anxiety. LifeBridge Senior Program is an outpatient behavioral health program at Parkview LaGrange Hospital that provides help for seniors who are experiencing:

  • Depressed mood
  • Unresolved grief
  • Anxiety, nervousness
  • Worry
  • Isolation or loneliness
  • Difficulty coping with health/physical changes
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Sleep or appetite changes
  • Feelings of hopelessness or helplessness
  • Anger
  • Low self-esteem
  • Personality changes

The members of our multi-disciplinary team – the medical director, nurse and primary therapist – will provide you with confidential, outpatient treatment in individual as well as group sessions designed to help you develop the tools and coping strategies needed to begin to enjoy life again.

To learn more about LifeBridge Senior Program at Parkview LaGrange Hospital, call us at (260) 463-9270.

HeartSmart CT Scan

Every year, millions of Americans suffer a sudden heart attack, with nearly one-third not surviving the event. This does not need to happen. HeartSmart CT Scan – now available at Parkview LaGrange Hospital – is a simple, non-invasive scan that can detect coronary artery disease in its early stages. No injections, special preparations, or pain are involved in this test.

HeartSmart CT Scan takes a stop-motion picture of the heart and coronary arteries, showing the presence of any calcified or hardened plaque. The scan reveals a cross-sectional image of the heart, which the cardiologist and radiologist can then view from many perspectives to look for these early warning signs of heart disease.

A HeartSmart CT Scan is available without a physician’s referral. The cost of a HeartSmart CT Scan is only $50, including the cardiologist and radiologist fees. Be certain to check with your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Call (877) 225-5747 to schedule your HeartSmart CT Scan.

Critical Care Unit and eICU®

The eICU® program, a hallmark of critical care at all Parkview hospitals, brings a higher level of care to critically ill patients, making it possible for them to be cared for close to home and loved ones. Each private eICU® room is equipped with special monitoring systems and cameras that transmit patient data to the local nursing station and to a board-certified intensivist, or critical care specialist.

For more detail, read about how the eICU® program works to improve patient care and outcomes at all Parkview hospitals.

eICU® is a registered trademark of VISICU, Inc.