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At Parkview, we believe in a better tomorrow for cancer patients today. We brought the best ideas from the nation’s leading cancer centers right here — to the all-new Parkview Cancer Institute.  Located on the Parkview Regional Medical Center campus, Parkview Cancer Institute is more than a state-of-the-art facility, it’s a bold new approach to healing — combining a patient-centered experience with the latest technologies, all in one location. From prevention, diagnosis, treatment and beyond, our cancer physicians and surgical oncologists meet you where you are in your cancer journey. With cancer-specific care teams and personal navigators to guide you, it’s a revolutionary model of care that puts you — and your family — at the center. The all-new Parkview Cancer Institute is everything you need, all in one place. That’s better cancer care.

Cancer care is about more than just treating the disease. Coping with cancer is about caring for the whole person. We’re dedicated to delivering individualized cancer treatment to meet your unique needs – and the needs of your family.

Our revolutionary model of care puts you at the center and inspired a new state-of-the-art cancer center, designed to make each unique journey with cancer as easy and stress-free as possible. Now you can receive the latest advances in cancer treatment right here at Parkview without traveling far from home.

One Comprehensive Cancer Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Built with the goal of bringing better cancer care to northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio, the new Parkview Cancer Institute offers an innovative and comprehensive approach to healing. Here you’ll find highly specialized oncology teams, including cancer sub-specialists, nurse navigators and all the latest advancements in treatment.

With your convenience in mind, we’ve created a unique “pod” design within the Institute that brings your specialists to you - in one location, in a single appointment.

Every square inch of the facility is mindfully designed to reflect our integrated and patient-centered approach to care. You can take comfort in the fact that your medical oncologist, surgeon, proceduralist, care team and supportive services members are all working side-by-side to provide the best care possible and to start your treatment in the quickest feasible timeframe.

Treatment plans from genetic counseling to clinical trials and more, the Parkview Cancer Institute offers everything you need, all in one place – close to home

Patient-centered Care, Focused Expertise

Our cancer-specific care means your cancer care team is centered around you. You will be assigned your own team of multidisciplinary cancer doctors who focus only on your particular type of cancer.

This focused approach to cancer care is both individualized and integrated. Our oncology teams focus exclusively on your type of cancer. We bring all these highly specialized experts together to offer patients a comprehensive and collaborative multi-disciplinary care team, experts not just in cancer care, but in your specific type of cancer. Our physicians and experts from a variety of specialties work together in your best interests. That’s better cancer care.

Personalized Support Throughout the Entire Care Journey

We’re here for you throughout your entire cancer journey – from prevention to diagnosis to treatment and survivorship. Every patient is assigned a personal nurse navigator who serves as a single point of contact. Your navigator coordinates your care, answers any questions you may have, connects you with resources and so much more.

We know that the cancer journey is physically, mentally and emotionally taxing. We are committed to helping you navigate all aspects, not just clinical care. We offer a wide range of supportive services, including support groups, nutrition counseling, survivorship clinics and chaplaincy.

Diagnostic Testing, Advanced Treatment Options & Clinical Trials

We’ve invested in the latest technologies to bring better cancer care to the communities we serve. With our use of endoscopic technology, for example, we can diagnose and stage certain cancers earlier than ever before – when they’re at their most treatable stage. This shortens the time you spend waiting for answers, and gets your treatment started as quickly as possible.

Parkview is home to the region’s only CyberKnife®, an innovative outpatient treatment option for certain cancers. CyberKnife precisely and painlessly targets tumors with focused beams of radiation. Because of its accuracy, CyberKnife is able to save healthy tissue surrounding the tumor. This technology dramatically reduces procedure time for some patients – with no incisions or pain.

Our new Parkview Cancer Institute is also home to state-of-the-art infusion bays, which deliver infusion therapies like chemotherapy in a caring and comfortable environment, designed with your comfort in mind. Additional groundbreaking procedures and treatments include biotherapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, intensity-modulated radiation therapy, image-guided radiation therapy and more.

In collaboration with Parkview Research Center, our patients may have the opportunity to participate in national and international clinical trials. To explore open clinical trials that may be a fit for your type of cancer, visit our available clinical trials directory.

Meet Dr. Neil Sharma

At Parkview, we connect you with the region’s top primary care physicians and specialists located throughout northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio.

Patient Navigators

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Because of our unique, comprehensive approach, we can help you or your loved ones navigate through appointments, procedures, treatments and recovery.

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Genetic Counseling

While most cancers are not hereditary, some families can have an increased risk for certain cancers. Our board-certified genetic counselors can help answer your questions about genetic testing.

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Signs, Symptoms & Screening Guidelines

You may think it’s normal, but it could be a sign or symptom of an illness or cancer-related disease. Learn more about signs and symptoms of various cancers – and the routine screening guidelines. test

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