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The Parkview Health Education Services department supports schools and students by facilitating clinical and non-clinical learning experiences at Parkview Health facilities and clinics.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare and its related professional services, we are ready to help you explore your career path. Parkview offers a variety of learning opportunities for students who are looking to explore the variety of health-related fields, receive hands-on educational experiences and take the next steps toward employment at Parkview.


For individuals with an interest in health careers but who are still exploring the variety of careers available, we offer several opportunities for you to explore your fields of interest prior to enrolling in a specific certification or degree program. These experiences are brief and hands-off but allow students to get an idea of what it’s like to work in a specific role or department.

  • Job Shadow – 1 to 8 hours in a single-day
  • Observation – 1-8 hours per day for multiple days, up to one week

Request a Job Shadow or Observation

For high school students who have a general interest in health careers and need to fulfill a semester-long internship requirement, we have a program called FutureREADY. This program allows the student to use their internship hours to explore a variety of careers at Parkview. Students will select their areas of interest from a provided list of departments. Parkview’s Education Services team will then place the student in six, week-long observations. From those six observations, the student will then identify their top one to three areas where they’d like to spend the remainder of their semester. This allows the student to have a variety of experiences while gaining more insight into potential career paths.

To request a FutureREADY rotation, contact your school’s guidance counselor or internship coordinator. Not sure who to contact? Email with your school’s name and we will help you find your school’s contact.


  • Clinicals – individual and cohort/groups, required toward a certification or degree
  • Internships – unpaid, semester-long internships available for high school or college students
  • Other hands-on experiences – required to complete a certification or degree

Request a High School Learning Opportunity

Request a College Learning Opportunity

Requests may be submitted by a school or the student. Requests are reviewed and placed according to the timeline provided in the link. Placements are prioritized for Parkview co-workers who are students at regional partner schools; students at regional partner schools; Parkview co-workers who are student at non-regional schools; and then any other students at non-regional schools. Parkview Health must hold an affiliation agreement with the school in order to host students for a learning opportunity.


Students interested in pursuing a career at Parkview long-term or who have an immediate need for income while learning should explore the following opportunities available.

  • Apprenticeships – coming soon!
  • Student Nurse Program – designed to support a student interested in being a Parkview nurse with work hours required over a calendar year, not a month.
    • Apply to be a Student Nurse Assistant – open to all high school students (age 17 and older) interested in Nursing
    • Apply to be a Student Nurse Tech – open to all students enrolled in a Nursing program who have completed the first fundamentals clinical
    • Apply to be a Student Nurse Apprentice – open to all last-year BSN and last-semester ASN students
  • PRN Student Patient Care Tech – for students who are able to meet an internship credit with working hours during the school day and also need a part-time job
    • Apply for a PRN Student PCT position
  • PRN Student Medical Assistant – for students who have completed their MA certification (CCMA, etc.) and are able to work limited hours during the school day
    • Apply for a PRN Student MA position
  • Summer Internship – for college students looking to work during Summer break, Parkview offers a competitive program in both clinical and non-clinical areas.
    • Application period is November through January each year.

At this time, we are not offering educational tours of our facilities.

Student and instructor requirements

All students and instructors who are learning or teaching at Parkview must meet specific requirements for our learning experiences. This information must be completed and turned in to Parkview at least 30 days prior to the start of a learning experience.

Job Shadow/Observations – must complete the following items:

  • If over age 18, a background check that includes a national criminal check, a check of sex offender registries and a check of the federal exclusions lists.
  • Completed the following vaccinations or show appropriate antibody titers: MMR: measles, mumps, rubella; Tdap: tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis; varicella; Hepatitis B (or declination form); annual influenza (or declination form); and COVID-19 (or declination form).
  • Have had a TB test within the last 12 months.

Internships and FutureREADY – must complete all of the above, plus:

  • Have successfully passed a 10-panel drug screen.

Clinicals/residencies/academies/other hands-on experiences and instructors must complete all of the above, plus:

  • Current CPR/BLS certification card
  • OSHA Respiratory Medical Clearance Form (required for all students or instructors who may be required to wear a respirator as part of PPE

All students and instructors approved for a learning experience at Parkview will be emailed a copy of Student Records Attestation Form. It is mandatory to complete in order to be placed in a Parkview learning experience.

Contact the Student Services department


Mail to: Attn: Education Services
Parkview Business & Technology Center
1450 Production Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46808

For questions or further assistance, please contact the Student Services team at