Patient Advocates

You have an advocate for your healthcare – a Parkview patient advocate. 

Our patient advocates and customer service teams want to know about your Parkview experience. While your nurse or physician is your immediate contact when concerns arise, patient advocates will also listen closely to your concerns, investigate your questions, and respond in a timely manner. Our goal is to provide an excellent experience for every patient, every day. 

Parkview Hospitals

Parkview Regional Medical Center Patient Advocate 
(260) 266-1244

Parkview Hospital Randallia Patient Advocate
(260) 373-9226

Parkview Behavioral Health Patient Advocate 
(260) 373-9226

Parkview DeKalb Hospital Patient Advocate
(260) 920-2501

Parkview Huntington Hospital Customer Service
(260) 355-3333

Parkview LaGrange Hospital Patient Concerns   
(260) 463-9120

Parkview Noble Hospital Customer Service
(260) 347-8192

Parkview Wabash Hospital Patient Concerns
(260) 569-2216

Parkview Warsaw Patient Advocate
(574) 372-0004

Parkview Whitley Hospital Customer Concern Center
(260) 248-9424

Parkview Ortho Hospital Patient Advocate
(260) 672-4028

Parkview Physicians Group

Parkview Physicians Group Patient Advocate
(855) 392-3648