Coordinated Care

The right care, when you need it

At Parkview Sports Medicine, we don’t just provide you with the athletic services you need—we also coordinate your care all along the way. If injury strikes, Parkview’s Sports Medicine’s care navigators will connect you to the services you need.

From at-home first aid to same or next-day appointment setting and service recommendations, we’ll connect you to the right care when you need it most. Throughout your recovery, we communicate with your coaches, school, athletic trainers and service providers to ensure your rehabilitation is comprehensive.

Trust every aspect of your care to us

Parkview Sports Medicine brings together a team of professionals to address nearly every aspect of your case, from orthopedic surgery to performance training to upgrade your game. We have doctors, physical therapists, performance trainers and more, all involved in your coordinated care. We do this to ensure you get optimal results from not just your recovery process but future injury prevention and performance improvement as well! We take the whole person into consideration when developing a plan for care here at Parkview Sports Medicine.


Speak with a care navigator to access our full range of sports medicine services.

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If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to the emergency room.