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Psychosocial Support Services

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Cancer Psychosocial Support Services

Living with a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming and distressing. Cancer affects your physical and mental health, functioning and well-being. At Parkview Cancer Institute, we provide holistic care in response to your needs. Our Support Services Team collaborates with you or your loved ones to address your practical, emotional, physical and spiritual concerns. Finding workable solutions and talking about your concerns enables you to be supported and empowered.  

We want to ensure that your thoughts and feelings are acknowledged, identified and supported.   Our master-level-prepared social worker is available to counsel and support you and your loved ones from diagnosis through treatment and into survivorship

How can counseling help me or my loved ones?

We can help you:

  • Cope with the diagnosis of cancer and the many emotions that you may be experiencing
  • Access information to help you better understand your diagnosis and the plan of care
  • Identify support and services within your community, including places offering financial assistance, support groups and educational programs
  • Manage day-to day living concerns regarding finances, relationships and treatment decisions
  • Consider and explore decisions about treatment options as you think about family, your work and other aspects of your life
  • Communicate your needs to treatment providers, family, friends and co-workers
  • Explore and examine the role of caregiving
  • Understand how cancer affects intimacy, fertility and how you feel about your body
  • Reduce stress by teaching you about various relaxation skills and exercises

In addition, we can provide resources to commonly experienced psychosocial issues related to your diagnosis, and can make referrals for long-term counseling for you and your family members.

Learn more about our Support Services Team.