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Ovarian Cancer

What is ovarian cancer? 

Ovarian cancer happens when cells that are not normal grow in or near your ovaries. The ovaries are two small glands, located on either side of your uterus. They produce female sex hormones and store and release eggs (ova). 

Treatments for ovarian cancer are more successful when the cancer is found early. But most of the time, cancer has already spread by the time it is found. 

What are the symptoms of ovarian cancer?

Symptoms of ovarian cancer may include: 

  • Recent, frequent bloating. 
  • Pain in the belly or pelvis.
  • Trouble eating, or feeling full quickly. 
  • Urinary problems, such as an urgent need to urinate or urinating more often than usual. 

These symptoms may be common in women who don't have ovarian cancer. But if these symptoms are new for you, and they happen almost daily for 2 to 3 weeks, you should see a doctor.

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