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Region's Leader for Heart Care

At the Parkview Heart Institute, we’re dedicated to heart care. While new treatment options continue to emerge, one focus of our physicians and care team remains constant – you. Our team of specialists and staff provide personalized heart care focused on restoring your quality of life.

Here, you’ll find our unique care team approach, the latest cardiac innovations, prevention and screening services and nearly 20 outpatient specialty clinics – from AFib to varicose veins to health and wellness.

No wonder more people choose Parkview for heart care than any other hospital in the region.

To schedule an appointment with Cardiology, please call 260-266-5700.

“The Parkview Heart Institute isn’t just a location on our campus, it symbolizes a standard of quality and commitment that our patients can count on.”

– Roy Robertson, MD, FACC, FSCAI, President, Parkview Heart Institute

What We Treat

The experts at Parkview Heart Institute specialize in the treatment of complex cardiovascular conditions.

What We Treat

Screenings & Prevention

Learn about screening opportunities near you and take steps to prevent or reduce your risk of heart disease.

Screenings & Prevention

Recognition & Outcomes

Parkview Heart Institute strives to be the best in service and care. Find out how we meet and exceed expectations in our field.
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Parkview Heart Institute in Your Community

Take Care of Her Heart

Parkview Heart Institute strives to empower women living with heart disease to live well through awareness, education, prevention and support.

Women's Heart Health

Vein Center

Convenient, outpatient care for individuals with venous disease of the lower extremities.

Parkview Vein Center

Health and Wellness Clinic

Reduce your risk of heart disease with direct access to medical professionals and all the resources you need to live a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Health and Wellness Clinic

Her Heart Challenge

Parkview Heart Institute wants to encourage women to take care of their hearts. Apply for the Her Heart Challenge today.

Learn more and apply.

Parkview Heart Institute

Parkview Heart Institute is an entire hospital dedicated to fighting heart disease. If you or someone you love is diagnosed with heart disease, know that the physicians and staff of Parkview Heart Institute are focused on you. For families throughout the region, Parkview is dedicated to all aspects of heart care: prevention, early detection, treatments and rehabilitation. 
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