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On October 1, Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers (CHWC) Montpelier Hospital became Parkview Montpelier Hospital. Parkview Montpelier Hospital provides comprehensive, patient-centered healthcare including inpatient rehabilitation, lab and diagnostic imaging, respiratory therapy and emergency medicine. We’re proud to serve the Williams County community.

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Please contact our billing department to pay your bill over the phone or speak to a representative about other payment options.

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Featured departments and services

Emergency medicine

If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 or head to your nearest emergency room. Parkview Montpelier Hospital’s full-service emergency room is always open.

Lab and diagnostic imaging

Our lab provides basic and specialized testing. Laboratory testing is available five days a week.

In addition to our lab, we offer radiology services including x-ray imaging, ultrasounds and more. 

Rehabilitation and therapy services

Parkview Montpelier Hospital offers extensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and therapy including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, wound management, IV therapy, vestibular rehabilitation and treatment for balance disorders. We provide patients with individualized care plans and to meet personal recovery goals.

Sleep lab

Restful, restorative sleep is essential for your health and wellness. Without it, you may increase your risk of heart disease or other illnesses. If you are often sleepy during the day and wakeful at night, suffer from chronic snoring, tingling sensations in your legs or arms, talk with your doctor. All are common signs of a sleep disorder, a very treatable condition.

A referral for a sleep evaluation can be made through your primary care provider or a sleep specialist.

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