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A care team holistically focused on quality of life.

Parkview Packnett Family Cancer Institute realizes that comfort care plays a large role in cancer care due to both the physical and emotional effects of cancer. That’s why we have the only palliative oncologists in the region. These important and unique experts work together with the rest of your care team to ensure a comprehensive approach to your treatment plan – one that prevents or addresses possible symptoms and side effects from cancer and its treatment.

Studies have shown numerous positive effects on patients receiving comfort care during their cancer journey, including:

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Second opinions

You can get a second opinion from Parkview Packnett Family Cancer Institute at any stage in your cancer journey. 

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Meet Our Team

Palliative oncology is one sub-specialty within your cancer care team and supplements your treatment plan. Our experts communicate and coordinate your care for a comprehensive approach to treatment. These experts are specially trained to address possible symptoms and side effects with a concentration on your specific type of cancer.

The role of these expert providers includes:

  • Being an active member of your multidisciplinary care team
  • Relieving physical, emotional and spiritual discomfort
  • Improving quality of life
  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Support
photo of Christina Drummond, MD

Christina Drummond, MD

photo of Joseph McCollom, DO

Joseph McCollom, DO

photo of Amber Bartock, NP

Amber Bartock, NP

photo of Meghan Cook, NP

Meghan Cook, NP

photo of Lesa Crawford, NP

Lesa Crawford, NP

photo of Jonathan Fansler, NP

Jonathan Fansler, NP

photo of Candice Harris, NP

Candice Harris, NP

photo of Kara Stackhouse, NP

Kara Stackhouse, NP

photo of Ashley Ueber, NP

Ashley Ueber, NP

photo of Lisa Williams, NP

Lisa Williams, NP