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A tradition of caring

Parkview DeKalb Hospital is committed to providing exceptional care to the community we have proudly served for decades. At Parkview DeKalb Hospital, you’ll find the care team providers and specialty services you need locally, along with the full resources of Parkview Health, the largest health system in northeast Indiana. Whether you’re visiting the DeKalb campus for a scheduled appointment, need emergency or walk-in care or are visiting a loved one, our caregivers will make you feel like family.

At Parkview DeKalb Hospital, our physicians, nurses and other medical professionals distinguish themselves as being the most compassionate caregivers you'll find anywhere. They share our goal of providing the best possible patient experience, and they're dedicated to caring for you and your family. Browse our departments and services to learn how Parkview DeKalb Hospital can provide the care you need.

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Featured departments & services


As our population ages, access to orthopedic care becomes more and more important to our local community. Parkview DeKalb Hospital has prioritized its orthopedic facilities and services, debuting on-site orthopedic physician suites, diagnostic areas and treatment facilities.

Patients can receive the highest quality orthopedic treatments locally and available closer to home. The hospital’s north campus serves as a hub for often interrelated services like orthopedics, rehabilitation, and occupational health, providing convenience for clinicians, as well as patients who may frequent these care destinations in their treatment journey.

In addition to gold-standard facilities, our experienced team of orthopedic physicians boasts expertise in many sought-after procedures and non-surgical options. Our comprehensive services include complete bone, joint and spine care, with treatment available for a complete range of orthopedic conditions, including bone conditions, trauma, athletic injuries, joint disorders, spinal issues and muscle care.

We are excited about the skilled orthopedic surgeons at Parkview DeKalb Hospital. Whether they are providing direct care to outpatients and in-patients, or performing surgeries, dedicated orthopedic specialists are here to serve the growing needs of the local community.

For more information, call 260-920-2720.

Surgical Services

We're very proud of the surgical center at Parkview DeKalb Hospital and the emphasis that has been placed on creating a healing environment, from the soothing color palette to the enhanced technology and private rooms.

Parkview DeKalb Hospital’s 40,000-square-foot surgical center provides patients access to advanced technology for the delivery of quality surgical care. Leading-edge technologies are the true spotlight of the center.

A broad range of surgical expertise is available from the surgery department at Parkview DeKalb Hospital. Our surgical specialists are on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

While a hospital stay may be required in a number of cases, many of our surgical procedures are available on an outpatient basis. Our surgical staff works closely with Parkview DeKalb Hospital staff in the Intensive Care Unit, the Recovery Unit and with the specialist in pain management and infection control. All this is done to make each patient's stay as safe and comfortable as possible.

Patient amenities

  • 17 private rooms
  • 8-bed Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) for recovery, including two private rooms, dedicated sound isolation room
  • 4 surgical suites
  • 3 endoscopy suites
  • 5 patient infusion therapy treatment areas with privacy curtains
  • Two private physician consulting suites with x-ray viewing capabilities Pre-warming gowns: To help maintain a patient’s body temperature as recommended by the National Best Practices Standard for preventing hypothermia and to provide comfort.
  • Pre-admission testing: Patients may come in advance of the surgery to perform necessary tests and ensure accurate results are available for the surgery, avoiding any chance of postponement or rescheduling of procedure.

Family amenities

  • Spacious lobbies and waiting areas: A modern, aesthetically appealing, and healing environment with a calming color scheme and a soothing water feature.
  • Pager alert system: Each family receives a disc that flashes when their loved one is out of surgery, or when their physician is ready to meet with them in one of the two private consultation suites.
  • Children's play area with games, books and television.
  • Coffee bar and vending snacks available in waiting areas.
  • Free WiFi internet access.

For more information, call 260-217-5521.

Emergency Department

Parkview DeKalb Hospital is advancing the care we deliver to our patients and our community. 

Dedicated space

Parkview DeKalb Hospital’s Emergency Department offers comprehensive and quality care in a state-of-the art setting. Our emergency department consists of 13 private exam rooms and one treatment room. Patients and families receive compassionate care provided by our emergency department staff and partner, Professional Emergency Physicians.

Technological advances

The ED at Parkview DeKalb Hospital offers patients and staff the latest in technological innovation and care. Computers in every room, for example, ensure medical staff immediate and secure access to electronic medical records. In addition, a digital tracking board provides doctors and nurses with real-time communications and status updates regarding patient care and needs. State-of-the-art cardiac monitoring systems enable nursing staff and cardiologists to instantaneously monitor patient heart rhythms from a central location. Each patient bed features built-in digital scales, which can weigh patients immediately and allow for accurate calculation of medication dosages. A one-call system will provide quicker, direct access to area tertiary facilities.

Center of it all

At the heart of our ED is a spacious, centrally located nurses’ station. Designed to optimize and enhance workflow and patient monitoring, the nurse's station put all levels of treatment rooms within the direct view of nurses. Combined with technological advances, the ED at Parkview DeKalb Hospital offers patients the utmost in care, convenience and privacy.

Registration, simplified

Upon arrival at the Parkview DeKalb Hospital ED, patients enter a triage room where their condition will be assessed. In addition, processes are in place for bedside registration and immediate bedding will take place when situations dictate. 

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