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Personalized care for your pregnancy

At Parkview, we are committed to providing personalized care for moms-to-be in our region. Our ever-growing services offer patients a full continuum of care throughout their journey, starting with early prenatal care and continuing well beyond delivery. From birthing classes and lactation services to delivery and postpartum care, our team of highly trained OB/GYN physicians, certified nurse-midwives and staff will be there to support you and your growing family. 

Having your baby at Parkview

Whether you’re considering becoming pregnant or your pregnancy is routine or high-risk, our expert physicians and staff will be there to support you through every stage of your journey. At Parkview, we’re ready for your big day. We offer eight Family Birthing Centers throughout northeast Indiana, so there’s bound to be one close to you. And because no two families are alike, each birthing center features something a little bit different. Whether you are a first-time mom, an experienced pro, or a high-risk mom-to-be, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Parkview.

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Services we provide

Parkview offers a variety of services to help you as you prepare to welcome a new life into your family. These services, include but are not limited to:

Connect with a nurse navigator

When you’re having a baby, there’s so much to plan and do. That’s why Parkview provides you with an OB nurse navigator to guide you through every step of your birth planning journey.
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High-risk pregnancy

If you’re at risk for pregnancy complications, learn about the maternal-fetal medicine services available to you, plus the latest prenatal tests and genetic screenings. 

Learn more about maternal-fetal medicine

Parkview NICU

Parkview’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Parkview Women’s and Children’s Hospital, is prepared to provide technology and expert nursing care when special needs arise. 

Learn more about our NICU

OB/GYN Hospital Medicine

Our experienced team of OB/GYN Hospital Medicine providers are available to provide specialized care for urgent obstetric and gynecologic needs.

Learn more about OB/GYN Hospital Medicine

Certified Nurse-Midwives

Our team of certified nurse-midwives offers a natural, holistic approach to pregnancy.

Learn more about nurse-midwives

Meet Our Team

photo of Robert Arrom, MD

Robert Arrom, MD

photo of Amy Austin, MD

Amy Austin, MD

photo of Hanan Bazzi, MD

Hanan Bazzi, MD

photo of Ashley Berish, MD

Ashley Berish, MD

photo of Sailaja Blackmon, MD

Sailaja Blackmon, MD

photo of Judith Bowers, DO

Judith Bowers, DO

photo of Matthew Byers, MD

Matthew Byers, MD

photo of Catherine Chung, MD

Catherine Chung, MD

photo of Lindsay Coda, DO

Lindsay Coda, DO

photo of Landon Harrison, DO

Landon Harrison, DO

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Fatima Hina, MD

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Bridget Hurry, MD

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Judith Kennedy, MD

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Lars Langschwager, MD

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Joshua Leichty, DO

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Vernon Maes, DO

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Kimberley Meinema, MD

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Thomas Miller, MD

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June Pollydore, MD

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Caitlin Ryser, MD

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Kevin Stamm, MD

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Steven Tanner, DO

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Isaac Thimmesch, DO

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Gregory Todd, MD

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Anusha Valluru, MD

photo of Carina Zahdeh, MD

Carina Zahdeh, MD

photo of Natima Alexander, CNM

Natima Alexander, CNM

photo of Melissa Bach, NP

Melissa Bach, NP

photo of Shelly Boone, CNM

Shelly Boone, CNM

photo of Sarah Chapman, NP

Sarah Chapman, NP

photo of Gail Clark, CNM

Gail Clark, CNM

photo of Kathryn Confer, CNM

Kathryn Confer, CNM

photo of Rebecca Cronin, CNM

Rebecca Cronin, CNM

photo of Cinamon Donley, NP

Cinamon Donley, NP

photo of Lisa Fedderke, CNM

Lisa Fedderke, CNM

photo of Alisa Felke, CNM

Alisa Felke, CNM

photo of Kelly Horn, CNM

Kelly Horn, CNM

photo of Kaylee Horvath, CNM

Kaylee Horvath, CNM

photo of Lara Lahr, CNM

Lara Lahr, CNM

photo of Kelsea LeRose, NP

Kelsea LeRose, NP

photo of Kirsten Metz, NP

Kirsten Metz, NP

photo of Abby Mitchell, NP

Abby Mitchell, NP

photo of Katherine Murphy, CNM

Katherine Murphy, CNM

photo of Karen Newcomer, NP

Karen Newcomer, NP

photo of Lindsay Roose, CNM

Lindsay Roose, CNM

photo of Bethany Schultz, PA

Bethany Schultz, PA

photo of Allison Thorpe, CNM

Allison Thorpe, CNM

photo of Paige Tiernon, CNM

Paige Tiernon, CNM

photo of Wendy Walmsley, NP

Wendy Walmsley, NP

photo of Joelle Yates, NP

Joelle Yates, NP