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Specialized urological services

At Parkview Physicians Group – Urology, we help patients regain their quality of life and peace of mind. Our urology specialists offer a full range of diagnostic studies and the latest interventional treatments for urinary conditions.

Urologic conditions we treat:

  • Bladder cancer
  • Blood in the urine (hematuria)
  • Complex and recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI)
  • Enlarged prostate (benign prostate hyperplasia [BPH])
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Infertility
  • Inflammation of the bladder (interstitial cystitis)

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To make an appointment with one of our urologists, please call (260) 425-5400.

Urology FAQs

Find answers to some of our frequently asked questions.
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Meet the team

Parkview Health has urology providers in over a dozen locations throughout northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. If you're interested in establishing care with one of our providers, call our 24/7 scheduling center at (877) PPG-TODAY.

PPG - Urology locations

photo of John Brinkman, MD

John Brinkman, MD

photo of Mark Dabagia, MD

Mark Dabagia, MD

photo of Nathan Locke, MD

Nathan Locke, MD

photo of Sable Locke, MD

Sable Locke, MD

photo of George Martin, MD

George Martin, MD

photo of Scott Palmer, MD

Scott Palmer, MD

photo of David Pollifrone, MD

David Pollifrone, MD

photo of Brian Rosman, MD

Brian Rosman, MD

photo of Gita Singh, MD

Gita Singh, MD

photo of Adam Thomas, MD

Adam Thomas, MD

photo of Donald Urban, MD

Donald Urban, MD

photo of Satish Velagapudi, MD

Satish Velagapudi, MD

photo of Theodore Wagner, MD

Theodore Wagner, MD

photo of Ashlyn Buttermore, PAC

Ashlyn Buttermore, PAC

photo of Felisha Gaetz, NP

Felisha Gaetz, NP

photo of Myranda Glant, NP

Myranda Glant, NP

photo of Jennifer Hillyard, NP

Jennifer Hillyard, NP

photo of Cassandra Jones, NP

Cassandra Jones, NP

photo of Madelyn Moser, PA

Madelyn Moser, PA

photo of Tracy Mullins, NP

Tracy Mullins, NP

photo of Sarah Slocum, NP

Sarah Slocum, NP

photo of Elizabeth Thompson, PA

Elizabeth Thompson, PA

photo of Nicolette Winebrenner, NP

Nicolette Winebrenner, NP