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Certified Nurse Midwife Program

A certified nurse-midwife is an advanced practice registered nurse who cares for women throughout many stages of life, often during their childbearing years. The certified nurse-midwives at Parkview have received the highest level of training and education, holding licenses in both midwifery and nursing. Our team provides a natural, holistic approach to pregnancy – all tucked inside the safety of a hospital.

Services we provide

Our team of certified nurse-midwives offer a variety of services including, but not limited to:

  • Gynecological exams
  • Family planning needs
  • Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Prenatal care
  • Labor and delivery support
  • Tub births (Allen County)
  • Newborn care up to 27 days post-delivery
  • Menopause care

Meet Our Team

photo of Natima Alexander, CNM

Natima Alexander, CNM

photo of Shelly Boone, CNM

Shelly Boone, CNM

photo of Gail Clark, CNM

Gail Clark, CNM

photo of Kathryn Confer, CNM

Kathryn Confer, CNM

photo of Rebecca Cronin, CNM

Rebecca Cronin, CNM

photo of Lisa Fedderke, CNM

Lisa Fedderke, CNM

photo of Alisa Felke, CNM

Alisa Felke, CNM

photo of Kelly Horn, CNM

Kelly Horn, CNM

photo of Kaylee Horvath, CNM

Kaylee Horvath, CNM

photo of Lara Lahr, CNM

Lara Lahr, CNM

photo of Katherine Murphy, CNM

Katherine Murphy, CNM

photo of Lindsay Roose, CNM

Lindsay Roose, CNM

photo of Allison Thorpe, CNM

Allison Thorpe, CNM

photo of Paige Tiernon, CNM

Paige Tiernon, CNM