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Breathe easier with specialized pulmonary services

Breathing is a natural, necessary and involuntary part of our lives. When part of our complex respiratory system isn't working properly, breathing becomes difficult and the symptoms can become severe – even life threatening. 

At Parkview Physicians Group - Pulmonary and Critical Care, our providers provide personalized care to people living with pulmonary and respiratory diseases. We offer full range of treatment, tests and devices for pulmonary care, including minimally invasive interventional options. PPG - Pulmonology is recognized as an Alpha-1 Foundation Clinical Resource Center.


Personalized treatment options for pulmonary and respiratory conditions.

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Devices and Tests

Specialized devices for pulmonary and respiratory conditions.

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Meet Our Team

Parkview Physicians Group — Pulmonary and Critical Care experienced providers deliver comprehensive pulmonary care and are specially trained and focused on diagnosing and treating pulmonary diseases and conditions.

PPG - Pulmonology locations

photo of Bharat Bajantri, MD

Bharat Bajantri, MD

photo of Ryan Bohle, MD

Ryan Bohle, MD

photo of Vatche Israbian, MD

Vatche Israbian, MD

photo of Shivu Kaushik, MD

Shivu Kaushik, MD

photo of Daria Lee, MD

Daria Lee, MD

photo of Manuel Martinez, MD

Manuel Martinez, MD

photo of Michael Overdahl, MD

Michael Overdahl, MD

photo of Matthew Paparo, MD

Matthew Paparo, MD

photo of Eric Peterson, MD

Eric Peterson, MD

photo of Roman Prosniak, MD

Roman Prosniak, MD

photo of Jennifer Shaffer, MD

Jennifer Shaffer, MD

photo of Ahmed Sharaan, MD

Ahmed Sharaan, MD

photo of Rakesh Subramanian, MD

Rakesh Subramanian, MD

photo of Brian Zehr, MD

Brian Zehr, MD

photo of Christy Auld, NP

Christy Auld, NP

photo of Caterina Elliott, PA

Caterina Elliott, PA

photo of Caitlin Kamplain, PA

Caitlin Kamplain, PA

photo of Elizabeth Schiffli, NP

Elizabeth Schiffli, NP