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PPG – Family Medicine providers specialize in the total health care of people of all ages, from newborns to adults. Click the link below to view learn more about our providers and schedule and appointment.

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Family medicine care at Parkview

Parkview Physicians Group – Family Medicine provides expert care to you and your family. Our providers diagnose and treat a variety of health conditions and diseases for all genders and ages, from children to the elderly.  From regular routine visits to sports physicals to enhanced care, we’re ready to be your partner in health and wellness.  

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To establish care with a PPG – Family Medicine provider, schedule online or call our 24/7 scheduling center at 877-774-8632.

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Enhanced Primary Care

Enhanced primary care offers a team approach to your health care needs. Focused on preventative services and chronic disease management, patients can expect increased appointment availability and easier access to care team.

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Parkview Health has family medicine providers at over 40 locations throughout the region. If you're interested in establishing care with one of our providers, call our 24/7 scheduling center at (877) PPG-TODAY.
photo of Frank Adjei, MD

Frank Adjei, MD

photo of James Beitzel, MD

James Beitzel, MD

photo of Gary Berube, MD

Gary Berube, MD

photo of Thomas Bond, MD

Thomas Bond, MD

photo of Jana Bourn, MD

Jana Bourn, MD

photo of Lindsay Bradbee, DO

Lindsay Bradbee, DO

photo of E. Jon Brandenberger, MD

E. Jon Brandenberger, MD

photo of Elizabeth Brauchla, MD

Elizabeth Brauchla, MD

photo of Sean Brennan, MD

Sean Brennan, MD

photo of R. Lance Burton, MD

R. Lance Burton, MD

photo of Emily Bushey, DO

Emily Bushey, DO

photo of Trina Chapman-Smith, MD

Trina Chapman-Smith, MD

photo of Philip Chase, MD

Philip Chase, MD

photo of Michelle Collins-Austin, MD

Michelle Collins-Austin, MD

photo of Christopher Conrad, MD

Christopher Conrad, MD

photo of Phillip Corbin, MD

Phillip Corbin, MD

photo of Brian Davault, MD

Brian Davault, MD

photo of Kyle Davidson, DO

Kyle Davidson, DO

photo of Jerry Dearth, MD

Jerry Dearth, MD

photo of Mark Dickmeyer, MD

Mark Dickmeyer, MD

photo of Nicholas Dutro, MD

Nicholas Dutro, MD

photo of Michael Engle, DO

Michael Engle, DO

photo of Karen Evans, MD

Karen Evans, MD

photo of Drake Everson, DO

Drake Everson, DO

photo of Lisa Falotico, DO

Lisa Falotico, DO

photo of Sheryl Fergusson, DO

Sheryl Fergusson, DO

photo of Stephanie Flaig-Miller, DO

Stephanie Flaig-Miller, DO

photo of Nicholas Fox, DO

Nicholas Fox, DO

photo of Christopher Frazier, MD

Christopher Frazier, MD

photo of Molly Furman, DO

Molly Furman, DO

photo of Janel Gagnon, MD

Janel Gagnon, MD

photo of Kristin Gerhardstein, MD

Kristin Gerhardstein, MD

photo of Milad Hanna, MD

Milad Hanna, MD

photo of Andrew Henry, DO

Andrew Henry, DO

photo of Cheryl Hess, MD

Cheryl Hess, MD

photo of Matthew Hess, MD

Matthew Hess, MD

photo of Pamela Higgins, MD

Pamela Higgins, MD

photo of Tracy Hitzeman, MD

Tracy Hitzeman, MD

photo of Drew Hosier, DO

Drew Hosier, DO

photo of James Ingram, MD

James Ingram, MD

photo of Jason Jawanda, MD

Jason Jawanda, MD

photo of Annalissa Kammeyer-Smith, DO

Annalissa Kammeyer-Smith, DO

photo of Kenton Kamp, MD

Kenton Kamp, MD

photo of Khushwant Kaur, MD

Khushwant Kaur, MD

photo of Gerald Kelty, MD

Gerald Kelty, MD

photo of Theppanya Keolasy, MD

Theppanya Keolasy, MD

photo of Joshua Kline, MD

Joshua Kline, MD

photo of Michael Kooistra Jr., MD

Michael Kooistra Jr., MD

photo of J. David Kunberger, MD

J. David Kunberger, MD

photo of Lisa Lane, MD

Lisa Lane, MD

photo of Eric Lehman, MD

Eric Lehman, MD

photo of Megan Lemon, MD

Megan Lemon, MD

photo of Beau Links, DO

Beau Links, DO

photo of Mark Mabus, MD

Mark Mabus, MD

photo of Mycal Mansfield, MD

Mycal Mansfield, MD

photo of John Marx, MD

John Marx, MD

photo of Rebecca Mason, MD

Rebecca Mason, MD

photo of Thomas Mason, MD

Thomas Mason, MD

photo of Berry Miller, MD

Berry Miller, MD

photo of Luke Miller, MD

Luke Miller, MD

photo of Robert Muller, MD

Robert Muller, MD

photo of Ron Music, MD

Ron Music, MD

photo of Jacob Nafziger, DO

Jacob Nafziger, DO

photo of Yekaterina Neichtadt Hoon, DO

Yekaterina Neichtadt Hoon, DO

photo of Meghan Neireiter, DO

Meghan Neireiter, DO

photo of Adaku Nnodi, MD

Adaku Nnodi, MD

photo of Alexander Ondari, MD

Alexander Ondari, MD

photo of Kevin Park, MD

Kevin Park, MD

photo of Amanda Patch, MD

Amanda Patch, MD

photo of Suresha Perera-Abeysekera, MD

Suresha Perera-Abeysekera, MD

photo of Rhonda Phillips, DO

Rhonda Phillips, DO

photo of Lisa Piper, MD

Lisa Piper, MD

photo of Janet Prendergast, DO

Janet Prendergast, DO

photo of Joseph Putman, MD

Joseph Putman, MD

photo of Vasavi Reddy, MD

Vasavi Reddy, MD

photo of Eric Reichenbach, MD

Eric Reichenbach, MD

photo of David Reinhard, MD

David Reinhard, MD

photo of Carson Roberts, DO

Carson Roberts, DO

photo of Jason Row, MD

Jason Row, MD

photo of Michael Rumple, MD

Michael Rumple, MD

photo of Amy Sadler, MD

Amy Sadler, MD

photo of Sarah Schlie, DO

Sarah Schlie, DO

photo of Lydia Schmidt, DO

Lydia Schmidt, DO

photo of Jeffrey Schultz, MD

Jeffrey Schultz, MD

photo of Glen Seaman, MD

Glen Seaman, MD

photo of Nicholas Seman, DO

Nicholas Seman, DO

photo of Brianna Serbus, MD

Brianna Serbus, MD

photo of Rhonda Sharp, MD

Rhonda Sharp, MD

photo of Ryan Singerman, DO

Ryan Singerman, DO

photo of Zachariah Slattery, DO

Zachariah Slattery, DO

photo of Christopher Sloan, MD

Christopher Sloan, MD

photo of Ron Sloan, MD

Ron Sloan, MD

photo of Teresa Smith, MD

Teresa Smith, MD

photo of Mitchell Stucky, MD

Mitchell Stucky, MD

photo of Gregory Swartz, DO

Gregory Swartz, DO

photo of Christina Tatara, DO

Christina Tatara, DO

photo of Jed Tompkins, DO

Jed Tompkins, DO

photo of Anthony Uribes, MD

Anthony Uribes, MD

photo of Julie Utendorf, MD

Julie Utendorf, MD

photo of Trever VanderHorst, MD

Trever VanderHorst, MD

photo of Nidia Villalba, MD

Nidia Villalba, MD

photo of Gerald Warrener, MD

Gerald Warrener, MD

photo of David Watkins, MD

David Watkins, MD

photo of Larry Watkins, MD

Larry Watkins, MD

photo of Peggy Watson, MD

Peggy Watson, MD

photo of Jennifer Weber, MD

Jennifer Weber, MD

photo of Amy Welker, MD

Amy Welker, MD

photo of Lawrence Wuest, MD

Lawrence Wuest, MD

photo of Jamin Yoder, MD

Jamin Yoder, MD

photo of Rick Yoder, MD

Rick Yoder, MD

photo of Rowena Yu-Mendador, MD

Rowena Yu-Mendador, MD

photo of Xue Zhang, MD

Xue Zhang, MD

photo of James Zimmerman, MD

James Zimmerman, MD

photo of Stephanie Allen, NP

Stephanie Allen, NP

photo of Jaci Allmandinger, NP

Jaci Allmandinger, NP

photo of Sherri Anderson, NP

Sherri Anderson, NP

photo of Whitney Beiswanger, NP

Whitney Beiswanger, NP

photo of Angela Blotkamp, NP

Angela Blotkamp, NP

photo of Claudia Bobay, NP

Claudia Bobay, NP

photo of Brooke Bohnstedt, NP

Brooke Bohnstedt, NP

photo of Laura Bolen, NP

Laura Bolen, NP

photo of Andrea Boley, NP

Andrea Boley, NP

photo of William Borders, NP

William Borders, NP

photo of Brian Bradbee, NP

Brian Bradbee, NP

photo of Debra Brice, NP

Debra Brice, NP

photo of Leah Brincefield-Wermer, NP

Leah Brincefield-Wermer, NP

photo of Shannon Brisbin, PA

Shannon Brisbin, PA

photo of Katrina Carlson, NP

Katrina Carlson, NP

photo of Sandra Charles, FNP

Sandra Charles, FNP

photo of Wendy Clark, NP

Wendy Clark, NP

photo of Kristina Cline, NP

Kristina Cline, NP

photo of Carrie Cloutier, NP

Carrie Cloutier, NP

photo of Aleisha Collins, NP

Aleisha Collins, NP

photo of Colleen Conwell, NP

Colleen Conwell, NP

photo of Kayla Cottrill, NP

Kayla Cottrill, NP

photo of Kristina Crouse, NP

Kristina Crouse, NP

photo of Janell Dockter, NP

Janell Dockter, NP

photo of Heather Doolittle, NP

Heather Doolittle, NP

photo of Katherine Fernandez, NP

Katherine Fernandez, NP

photo of Lisa Foldesi, NP

Lisa Foldesi, NP

photo of Victoria Fox, NP

Victoria Fox, NP

photo of Katie Fralick, PA

Katie Fralick, PA

photo of Michael Gallmeyer, NP

Michael Gallmeyer, NP

photo of Tara Garza, NP

Tara Garza, NP

photo of Brecken Gilbert, NP

Brecken Gilbert, NP

photo of McKenna Gottfried, NP

McKenna Gottfried, NP

photo of Kristin Hauck, PA

Kristin Hauck, PA

photo of Olivia Hayes, NP

Olivia Hayes, NP

photo of Paul Hayes, PA

Paul Hayes, PA

photo of Jennifer Hilton, NP

Jennifer Hilton, NP

photo of Kaitlyn Hinman, NP

Kaitlyn Hinman, NP

photo of Elia Hoekstra, PA

Elia Hoekstra, PA

photo of Stacie Housholder, NP

Stacie Housholder, NP

photo of Ashley Hughes, NP

Ashley Hughes, NP

photo of Reginald Humphrey, NP

Reginald Humphrey, NP

photo of Julie Jacobsen, NP

Julie Jacobsen, NP

photo of Gretchen Jenkins, NP

Gretchen Jenkins, NP

photo of Charles Jones, NP

Charles Jones, NP

photo of Delaney Kaiser, NP

Delaney Kaiser, NP

photo of Paul Keplinger, NP

Paul Keplinger, NP

photo of Janelle Kieck, NP

Janelle Kieck, NP

photo of Sarah Kintz, NP

Sarah Kintz, NP

photo of Leeanna Knight, PA

Leeanna Knight, PA

photo of Hope Koontz, NP

Hope Koontz, NP

photo of Chelsea Krouse, NP

Chelsea Krouse, NP

photo of Erica Kueber, NP

Erica Kueber, NP

photo of Belinda Laney, NP

Belinda Laney, NP

photo of Kathleen Leckrone, NP

Kathleen Leckrone, NP

photo of Ronda Lehn, NP

Ronda Lehn, NP

photo of Emma Litchfield, NP

Emma Litchfield, NP

photo of Beatrice Lopez, NP

Beatrice Lopez, NP

photo of Crystal Maggard, NP

Crystal Maggard, NP

photo of Alyssa Malone, NP

Alyssa Malone, NP

photo of Sharon Marrs, NP

Sharon Marrs, NP

photo of Sarah Marshall, NP

Sarah Marshall, NP

photo of Tamara Martin, NP

Tamara Martin, NP

photo of Abigail Masters, NP

Abigail Masters, NP

photo of Jenny McClain, NP

Jenny McClain, NP

photo of Michele Meredith, NP

Michele Meredith, NP

photo of Jami Metzger, NP

Jami Metzger, NP

photo of Kristi Morris, NP

Kristi Morris, NP

photo of Susan Murry, NP

Susan Murry, NP

photo of Laura Newman, NP

Laura Newman, NP

photo of Jenna Nichols, NP

Jenna Nichols, NP

photo of Kari Peeper, NP

Kari Peeper, NP

photo of Kimberly Penland, NP

Kimberly Penland, NP

photo of Kyrie Peterson, NP

Kyrie Peterson, NP

photo of Tabitha Pittman, NP

Tabitha Pittman, NP

photo of Lisa Pool, NP

Lisa Pool, NP

photo of Lindsey Ribel, NP

Lindsey Ribel, NP

photo of Kari Rischling, NP

Kari Rischling, NP

photo of Kelly Robinson, NP

Kelly Robinson, NP

photo of April Rock, NP

April Rock, NP

photo of Amy Rowan, PA

Amy Rowan, PA

photo of Jenna Roy, PA

Jenna Roy, PA

photo of Megan Schmitz, NP

Megan Schmitz, NP

photo of Marcus Scott, PA

Marcus Scott, PA

photo of Nicole Seabeck, NP

Nicole Seabeck, NP

photo of Whitney Shafer, NP

Whitney Shafer, NP

photo of Sasha Shumpert, NP

Sasha Shumpert, NP

photo of Erin Shutt, FNP

Erin Shutt, FNP

photo of Jessica Slattery, NP

Jessica Slattery, NP

photo of Harrison Smith, PA

Harrison Smith, PA

photo of Chantell Spohr, NP

Chantell Spohr, NP

photo of Grace Stanley, NP

Grace Stanley, NP

photo of Jodi Strock, NP

Jodi Strock, NP

photo of Natasha Subramaniam, NP

Natasha Subramaniam, NP

photo of Shannon Tranquill, NP

Shannon Tranquill, NP

photo of Tamara Troutt, PA

Tamara Troutt, PA

photo of Anna Trubey, NP

Anna Trubey, NP

photo of Jessica Tullis, NP

Jessica Tullis, NP

photo of Emily Vanderpool, NP

Emily Vanderpool, NP

photo of Tara Vogel, NP

Tara Vogel, NP

photo of Amber Wagley, NP

Amber Wagley, NP

photo of Shauna Wagner, NP

Shauna Wagner, NP

photo of Heather Ward, NP

Heather Ward, NP

photo of Alexia Whitsel, PA

Alexia Whitsel, PA

photo of Lara Wynne, NP

Lara Wynne, NP

photo of Nicole Young, PA

Nicole Young, PA

photo of Melanie Zolman, NP

Melanie Zolman, NP

photo of Heidi Zuber, NP

Heidi Zuber, NP