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Find a gastroenterology provider

Parkview Health has gastroenterology providers located throughout the region. Our team has many years of specialized training in gastroenterology, as well as additional training in endoscopy. We're focused on providing personalized care to patients who suffer from all gastrointestinal conditions. If you're interested in establishing care with one of our providers, call our 24/7 scheduling center at 206-785-2631.

PPG - Gastroenterology locations

photo of Efesomwan Aisien, MD

Efesomwan Aisien, MD

photo of Kaely Bade, MD

Kaely Bade, MD

photo of Preet Bagi, MD

Preet Bagi, MD

photo of Bhagwant Borkar, MD

Bhagwant Borkar, MD

photo of Steven Cohen, MD

Steven Cohen, MD

photo of Matt Cooley, MD

Matt Cooley, MD

photo of Robert Hill Harris, MD

Robert Hill Harris, MD

photo of Lokesh Jha, MD

Lokesh Jha, MD

photo of Reshi Kanuru, MD

Reshi Kanuru, MD

photo of Ashok Kapur, MD

Ashok Kapur, MD

photo of Zhaodong Li, MD

Zhaodong Li, MD

photo of Vanessa Mendez, MD

Vanessa Mendez, MD

photo of Gregory Scheible, MD

Gregory Scheible, MD

photo of Vance VanDrake, MD

Vance VanDrake, MD

photo of Kirsten Weiser, MD

Kirsten Weiser, MD

photo of Rebecca Allen, NP

Rebecca Allen, NP

photo of Stephanie Angel, NP

Stephanie Angel, NP

photo of Erin Cade, PA

Erin Cade, PA

photo of Jessica Clifford, NP

Jessica Clifford, NP

photo of Megan Daniels, NP

Megan Daniels, NP

photo of Abby Emerick, NP

Abby Emerick, NP

photo of Amanda Follrod, NP

Amanda Follrod, NP

photo of Brooke Moore, NP

Brooke Moore, NP

photo of Karen Moore, NP

Karen Moore, NP

photo of Taylor Pinney, PA

Taylor Pinney, PA

photo of Amanda Ringwood, NP

Amanda Ringwood, NP

photo of Stephany Schroeder, NP

Stephany Schroeder, NP

photo of Stacie Stauffer, NP

Stacie Stauffer, NP

photo of Kristie Stinchcomb, NP

Kristie Stinchcomb, NP

photo of Christina Weiss, NP

Christina Weiss, NP

photo of Heather Wood, NP

Heather Wood, NP