Policies and Procedures

The Parkview Health Institutional Review Board (IRB) is compliant with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations governing IRBs and research with human subjects. The PH IRB maintains written procedures for initial and continuing review of clinical trials, prepares written minutes of convened meetings, and retains records pertaining to the review and approval process. 

IRB forms are available for initial study submission and reporting other activities through the course of research studies.

  1. 2016 PH IRB Meeting Dates
  2. 2017 PH IRB Meeting Dates
  3. IRB Contact List
  4. Amendments
  5. Continuing Review
  6. Deviation and Noncompliance Reporting
  7. Electronic Submission and Review Process
  8. Emergency Use of a Drug, Biologic, or Medical Device
  9. Exempt Research List of Categories of Research
  10. Exempt Research Protocols
  11. Expedited Review-Categories of Research That May Be Reviewed by An IRB through an Expedited Review
  12. Expedited Review of Research
  13. Humanitarian Use Device (HUD)
  14. PH IRB Introduction
  15. PH IRB Authority, Membership, Board Positions
  16. PH IRB Fee Schedule and Charging Policy
  17. PH IRB Meetings
  18. PH IRB Member Roster
  19. PH IRB Operations
  20. New Protocol Submission
  21. Principal Investigator Statement of Principles
  22. Presenters Format
  23. Research Conflicts of Interest
  24. Reportable Events
  25. Reporting Procedure
  26. Review of Medical Devices-SR vs NSR
  27. Review of Research
  28. Study Closure
  29. Submission Flow Chart
  30. Training Requirements for Individuals Involved in Human Subject Research
  31. Use of a Centralized IRB
  32. Use of a Centralized IRB − Approved List of Centralized IRBs
  33. Vulnerable Populations

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