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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehab offers a plan for recovery

Cardiac Rehabilitation is an exercise program available for individuals who have experienced a cardiac event or have a diagnosed heart condition. The program is divided into three phases. 

Phase I

Cardiac Rehab begins in the hospital as a patient begins to recover from a heart attack, bypass surgery or other qualifying condition. 

Phase II

Typically begins two to three weeks after a patient leaves the hospital and continues for one to three months, depending on the severity of the heart condition. This is a monitored phase, in which cardiac rehab specialists will measure various results of the program and report back to the referring provider. 

Phase III

The final phase of rehabilitation is a milestone, as it allows the patient to exercise and continue at his/her own pace at the rehab center, with supervision by the team. This phase serves as an affordable alternative to joining a fitness center or purchasing exercise equipment, while offering continued onsite support. 

Qualifying conditions for Cardiac Rehab

  • Chest pain/stable angina
  • Heart attack
  • Stent or balloon repairs to the heart
  • Heart surgery, including bypass or valve surgery
  • Heart failure
  • Heart transplant

A health plan for the future

While participating in the Cardiac Rehab program, patients can expect to receive information and resources that will help them manage their heart health and thrive on their journey to recovery. Topics of information may include: 

  • Modifying risk factors
  • Understanding medications
  • Managing diabetes
  • Understanding cardiovascular disease
  • Identifying exercises that can be done at home
  • Understanding the effects of stress and relaxation
  • Strategies for smoking cessation

Patients who complete cardiac rehabilitation are at a 31% lower risk of suffering another heart attack. Patients can also expect a decrease in chest pain, blood pressure and the effects of depression and anxiety. Other health benefits include: 

  • Increase in overall work capacity
  • Weight maintenance
  • Better blood circulation
  • Improved heart function
  • Lower resting heart rate
  • Lower blood cholesterol, triglycerides and sugar levels