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Warfarin self-testing made easy

If you are receiving long-term Warfarin therapy, then regular blood testing is a part of your routine. Parkview makes this practice a little more convenient by offering a self-testing program that allows individuals with atrial fibrillation, pulmonary embolism and other conditions to perform these tests in the privacy of their own homes. 

Rather than coming to the Anticoagulation Therapy Unit (ATU) Clinic at Parkview for INR (International Normalized Ratio) checks, you can now test weekly on your own.

Benefits of testing at home:

Studies have shown that people who check their INR results weekly at home experience fewer bleeding side effects and fewer clotting episodes. Other benefits include:

  • Reducing travel to a nearby lab for INR checks
  • Staying safe at home during inclement weather
  • Saving time and gas money

Frequently asked questions: 

You may qualify for the program if you meet these three qualifications and have a qualifying diagnosis.

  • You have been taking Warfarin (COUMADIN) for at least 90 days
  • You will be taking Warfarin (COUMADIN) for at least one year
  • You – or a caregiver – are willing to perform weekly finger-stick tests

Is self-testing easy?

Yes, a Parkview pharmacist will teach you, or your caregiver, how to perform the test during a 60-minute class.

Testing simply requires placing one drop of blood on a test strip and pushing one button. You report your weekly results using a phone number that connects you to an automated system, by visiting our website, or using the app on the Alere Self-Test portal.

Parkview’s ATU Clinic staff will check each weekly INR result you report, and will contact you with dosing instructions if a result is out of range. Your physician will also have access to your results.

The ATU Clinic is authorized to send Warfarin refill requests to your pharmacy. You will receive supplies every 12 weeks by mail.

Getting started 

To determine if the Warfarin INR Patient Self-testing Program is right for you, call the ATU Clinic at (260) 266-4480, option 2.

If determined that the self-testing program is appropriate for you, the clinic will need a referral from your physician and clearance from your insurance company. When these items are in place, ATU Clinic staff will contact you to schedule training. Classes take place at the ATU Clinic at Parkview Hospital Randallia, 2200 Randallia Drive, Fort Wayne.

At your training class, you will receive your own easy-to-use INR kit. This kit includes:

  • Portable INR testing monitor
  • 12-week supply of test strips
  • Instructional DVD and booklet
  • INR test-result logbook for your personal recordkeeping

Call us today at 260-266-4480, option 2, to learn if you can benefit from the self-testing program.