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IOSE Program

Parkview Packnett Family Cancer Institute takes a unique approach to diagnosing and treating cancers of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Our subspecialized surgeons are fellowship-trained in interventional endoscopy.

Founded in 2013 by Neil Sharma, MD and Parkview Health leadership, the Interventional Oncology & Surgical Endoscopy (IOSE) program is a collaboration between Parkview Packnett Family Cancer Institute, surgery and gastroenterology specialties. This program dedicates clinical resources, research and education to pursue minimally invasive surgical options to minimize patient impact of disease and to advance innovation, prevention and treatment options.

A minimally invasive, state-of-the-art surgical technique 

One used as a diagnostic tool, Parkview Packnett Family Cancer Institute has advanced this minimally invasive specialty to screen for, manage and treat cancers and pre-cancerous conditions of the GI tract.

Interventional endoscopy uses a long, flexible tube called an endoscope. Under sedation, this tube is inserted into the mouth or rectum. The scope has a camera that allows the surgeon to view the GI tract and surrounding organs such as the pancreas, gallbladder and liver without traditional open surgery.

Benefits of minimally invasive procedures

While not the recommended approach in every situation, interventional endoscopy can be used for many diagnoses. This state-of-the-art surgical option has many potential benefits including:

  • Quicker recovery
  • Fewer complications
  • Better post-surgery quality of life
  • Less scarring
  • Reduced cost of care

Conditions we treat

The Interventional Oncology & Surgical Endoscopy program focuses on patients with specific types of diseases, cancers and tumors, including but not limited to:

Meet our team

Meet the Team

You’ll be cared for by a dedicated team of GI cancer specialists and sub-specialists, not a general oncologist who treats all types of cancer.

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Procedural Video Animations

Watch video animations of various endoscopic procedures used to treat GI cancers at Parkview Packnett Family Cancer Institute.

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