Community Health Improvement

Parkview Whitley Hospital's Community Health Improvement Program funds community health improvement efforts within the service area of Parkview Whitley Hospital. The hospital sets aside 10 percent of its net income to fund community health initiatives.

Parkview Whitley Hospital gives back to the community in the form of improved facilities, education and outreach programs, free and discounted care, volunteerism and much more.  Parkview Whitley Hospital is reaching out to make our neighborhoods and communities healthier through:

  • Financial Assistance
  • Community Health Improvement Initiatives
  • Primary health care/access
  • Health screening and prevention and disease management

Parkview's mission includes caring for people who can't afford to pay.  Each year the hospital provides thousands of dollars in financial assistance to the community. The hospital places its priority on providing the necessary care, not on who is going to pay the bill.

Medication Assistance Program

The Medication Assistance Program was developed in response to a growing need in the community for financial assistance with prescription medications. MAP partners with patients, physicians, pharmaceutical companies and local pharmacies to provide medication assistance at little or no cost to qualified individuals. Assistance takes the form of an emergency voucher program for short-term medication needs and help with applying for long-term assistance through Pharmaceutical Assistance programs.

For more information, call (260) 248-9263.

Health screening and prevention and disease management

Parkview Whitley Hospital participates in numerous health fairs and activities throughout the year to provide health education, health screenings for disease prevention, and to promote healthy lifestyles. The hospital also provides support groups to assist patients and families in managing disease.

Community health partners

These partner organizations have been selected to receive program support for specific initiatives that addresses issues that affect the health status of individuals and families in Whitley County.