Hear CyberKnife Stories from Patients

Every patient is different, and every condition is unique. Each person’s journey is unique, and sharing stories helps others learn. When you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, it’s good to hear from someone who has been there, especially when it comes to different treatment options like CyberKnife®. That’s why Parkview has featured several patients who are brave enough to share their story.  

Melvin Smith, prostate cancer survivor

Singing the praises of CyberKnife. Diagnosed with prostate cancer, Melvin Smith had a PSA level of 9. Watchful waiting wasn’t enough for Melvin, who decided to undergo five outpatient treatments with the painless, non-surgical technology of the region’s only CyberKnife. 

Donna Lucas, acoustic neuroma survivor

Getting her life back. Donna Lucas had a rare brain tumor. Parkview had CyberKnife. The tumor didn’t stand a chance. Hear Donna’s inspiring story, and learn more about CyberKnife’s painless, next-generation technology.

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