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Hypercoagulable State

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Normally, blood clots are gel-like clumps of blood that plug an injured blood vessel. But if you develop blood clots when you aren’t injured or if blood clots don’t properly dissolve, your blood is considered hypercoagulable. This hypercoagulable state is called thrombophilia.

Many forms of thrombophilia are mild and may never be diagnosed. However, some patients with repeated episodes of blood clotting require daily blood-thinning medication. When not properly identified and treated, complications from thrombophilia can be life threatening.

Hematology Care Team

Here at Parkview, you’ll be cared for by a dedicated team of hematology specialists and sub-specialists, not a general oncologist who treats all types of cancer.

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Research & Clinical Trials

Parkview Research Center, in collaboration with Parkview Packnett Family Cancer Institute, provides innovative clinical research, an integral component of advancing cancer care.

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