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Bone Metastasis

Certain cancers including breast, thyroid, lung, kidney, melanoma, multiple myeloma, lymphoma and prostate cancer commonly spread to the skeletal system.  This can often lead to pain, impending fracture, pathologic fracture (fracture that occurs without injury due to tumor compromising the integrity of the bone), spinal cord compression, and decreased function and quality of life. Our orthopedic oncology team has expertise in assessing for impending fractures and coordinating care of metastatic bone disease. In some scenarios, surgically fixing and stabilizing the bone prior to fracture can improve patient outcomes and quality of life. Some cancers create significant bony destruction requiring complex joint reconstruction. Utilizing contemporary techniques and understanding disease specific tumor characteristics, our orthopedic oncology team can help reconstruct joints and stabilize bones in patients with metastatic bone disease. Utilizing several therapies including surgery, radiation therapy, medications, and interventional radiology techniques in a multidisciplinary fashion can help improve the quality of life in patients with metastatic bone disease.