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Atypical Fibroxanthoma

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Atypical fibroxanthoma is a type of skin cancer which is often misdiagnosed as a less serious skin condition. Normally, cells in the body will grow and divide to replace old or damaged cells. This growth is usually precise. Once enough cells are produced to replace the old ones, normal cells stop dividing. Tumors occur when there is an error and cells continue to grow uncontrollably. With atypical fibroxanthoma, a tumor begins in the skin.

As atypical fibroxanthoma signs may look like other conditions, it can be difficult to detect in its earlier stages. Treatment will depend on age, overall health, cancer stage, cancer size and location and other factors.

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Here at Parkview, you’ll be cared for by a dedicated team of skin cancer specialists and sub-specialists, not a general oncologist who treats all types of cancer.

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