We need YOUR photos!

Become a part of Parkview Huntington Hospital.

Parkview Huntington Hospital

As construction on Parkview Huntington Hospital’s new Rehab and Wellness/Wound Care addition continues, we need help adding some personal touches to our expanded facility: YOUR photos! 

We know Huntington County is a special place, and we chose to reflect that with local photography in our recent renovations. Now, we want to showcase even more local scenes and perspectives in our new addition and other areas of the facility.

Amateur and professional photographers are invited to submit photos that represent the rich heritage, beauty and diversity of our community. Photos of landscapes, architecture, industry, people, places, sporting events or school and community activities will be considered — any appropriate subject reflecting the culture of Huntington County, past and present.

Chosen submissions will be matted, framed and displayed with pride within the hospital complex.

Photo specifications:

  • All photos must be submitted as high-resolution digital images, (minimum) 300 dpi. 
  • Photos may be black and white or color, new or vintage.
  • Include a short explanation about the photograph and include specifics as to where and when the photograph was taken.
  • Photographs that show people must be submitted with a photo release signed by the individual(s) in the photo and including their printed names.
  • There is no limit to the number of photographs that may be submitted. 

How to submit your photo(s):

To submit your photos, please e-mail them and all required information to
          sonya.foraker@parkview.com by November 15, 2018

You must provide the following information with your e-mail submission: 

  • Your name and a preferred telephone number
  • Your status as an amateur or professional photographer
  • Career profession

Please note:
By submitting your photo(s) to Parkview Huntington Hospital, you grant permission for the hospital leadership team (and/or an external vendor, acting on behalf of and with the permission of, the hospital leadership team) to use its discretion in printing, matting, framing and displaying your photo(s) within the hospital, the new addition or elsewhere in the complex. You acknowledge that you do not expect, and will not require, remuneration for use of your photo(s). The hospital reserves the right to determine whether subject matter is appropriate for public display within the facility. If your photos are chosen for use, you will be informed of the selection, and you will receive photography credit on or near the mounted, framed photo as it is displayed within the hospital facility.