Medical Students

Parkview supports Medical Students looking for experience through the help of the Fort Wayne Medical Education Program (FWMEP). For more information regarding this program or medical rotations, please contact the Fort Wayne Medical Education Program at (260) 422-6573 or visit them online at

Requesting a Placement

All medical students (student doctors) are processed by Brianne Spellman, Administrative Coordinator, at FWMEP.  She is responsible for collecting proper documentation from the students and will send that information to Parkview prior to rotation.  The Administrative Coordinator finds placement for medical students by reaching out to different offices/hospital departments/or physicians directly to confirm if a physician is willing and able to take the student for the requested dates. In many cases, it is a ‘clinical office manager’ that works as a contact person to schedule students for rotation with one of their providers.

Example of Student Placement:

  1. Student contacts FWMEP in need of Family Medicine Rotation from mm/dd/yyyy- mm/dd/yyyy
  2. The Administrative Coordinator obtains proper documentation from student in order to rotate in a Parkview facility.
  3. The Administrative Coordinator reaches out to contacts in the region to schedule student rotation – some physicians like to be contacted directly, in other cases the preceptor would rather the Administrative Coordinator work with his/her assistant or office manager to check the schedule to see if the rotation can be scheduled with them.  
  4. Once dates have been confirmed, the Administrative Coordinator gives the student the confirmation and contact information of office manager and advises students to contact that person 2-3 weeks prior to start date to finalize details of where to report, etc.