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Purchasing the medical and wellness products you need to enhance your health journey is now easier than ever. Parkview and Best Buy have teamed up to provide you with a specially curated selection of products that are recommended by the Parkview healthcare providers you trust. It’s a partnership built on helping you simply and conveniently achieve your health goals. 

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What are the benefits?

With endless options online, choosing healthcare products for you and your loved ones can be a difficult and overwhelming process. This unique shopping experience takes the guesswork out of selecting items by giving you the ability to browse for and purchase recommended products.

  • Trustworthy: Items have already been selected by Parkview healthcare professionals based on quality, accuracy and cost
  • Convenient: A pre-vetted and ready-to-purchase list means you can spend less time researching and buying items on your own
  • Innovative: Wireless devices are compatible with virtual health visits through MyChart for a more seamless way to stay connected

What types of products can I purchase?

At, you’ll find devices for managing, tracking and monitoring your well-being, as well as products for safe and healthy families.

  • Diabetes: Products designed to help you better manage your diabetes, including blood glucose monitors, fitness scales and more.
  • Wellness: Items to help you maintain health and track progress, including smartwatches, healthy eating products, sleep solutions and more.
  • Heart Health: Tools for cardiovascular care, including blood pressure monitors, EKG monitors and smart scales. 
  • Mother and Children’s Health: Products focused on moms and babies, including thermometers, baby monitors and travel items.

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Discover the wellness items you need

Parkview Health is proud to partner with Best Buy to provide you with a seamless way to purchase health-related products for your family. Choose from recommended items for diabetes care, general wellness, heart health, and mother and children’s health. Get connected to a healthier you.

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