PRMC Medical Tower

The spacious Parkview Regional Medical Center campus at I-69 and Dupont Road on the north side of Fort Wayne is home to a variety of inpatient and outpatient healthcare services related to treatment and wellness. Some services are located in specialty centers or medical offices on the campus.

The heart of the medical complex is the nine-story tower known as Parkview Regional Medical Center (PRMC). Emergency, acute and critical care services are focused here, along with other services – such as imaging, laboratory, pharmacy and others – that support care for patients whose medical conditions require a hospital stay.

You can access these services or visit patients in these areas by using Entrance 1 at 11109 Parkview Plaza Drive. Free parking is available in the lot at Entrance 1 and in the parking garage.

Valet parking is temporarily suspended. Staff will be available in the parking lot to help visitors needing assistance getting to the front entrance.

First floor

patient room

  • Emergency (Emergency walk-in at Entrance 14)
  • Registration

Second floor

  • Inpatient oncology (cancer) patient rooms 2330 – 2351
  • ICUs (intensive care units)
    • STICU (Surgical Trauma) ICU: Patient rooms 2108 - 2131
    • PICU (Pediatric ICU): Patient rooms 2101 – 2107

You may also want to know: The NICU (Newborn ICU) and Pediatrics acute care, as well as labor and delivery rooms for patients, are in the Parkview Women’s & Children’s Hospital

  • Surgical registration
  • Surgical family lobby
  • Chapel (a chaplain is available 24/7)

Third floor

MICU (Medical ICU) patient rooms 3101 – 3136

If you are visiting a patient whose room number is 3137 - 3172, please utilize the Emergency Department entrance and proceed to the south tower elevator.

Other ICUs/cardiac services

You may also want to know: ICUs and other areas related to cardiac care are located at the Parkview Heart Institute (PHI) (Entrance 10 or Entrance 1 and follow central hallway through PRMC).

These include:

  • CVICU (Cardiovascular ICU) – PHI second floor, patient rooms 2201 – 2222
  • CICU (Coronary ICU) – PHI third floor, patient rooms 3201 – 3206 and 3225 – 3230
  • Congestive Heart Treatment Center – PHI third floor, patient rooms 3207 – 3224
  • Inpatient cardiac services – PHI fourth floor, patient rooms 4201 - 4230

Fourth floor

Ortho/Neuro Trauma patient rooms 4101 – 4136

Patients in this area require skilled nursing care in their recovery from specific types of injury or surgeries.

You may also want to know: Additional orthopedic patient rooms and services are located in the Parkview Ortho Hospital on the Parkview Regional Medical Center campus.

Fifth floor

patient room

Surgical patient rooms 5101 – 5136

After surgery, a patient who has been in recovery and is ready to be transferred to a patient room is taken to this area.

Sixth floor

Medical patient rooms 6101 – 6136

Patients who have medical needs for which surgery is not involved are in this area.

Seventh floor

Medical patient rooms 7101 - 7136