Internal Medicine

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What is Internal Medicine?

Simply put, an Internal Medicine provider, an internist, treats patients over the age of 18 (where a Family Medicine doctor might see family members of all ages) and facilitates a wide range of services, including annual wellness exams, routine chronic care visits and same-day sick visits.

Comprehensive Care for Adults and Seniors

For adult patients with no health issues, seeing an Internal Medicine provider yearly helps address important preventive screening recommendations to ensure they stay healthy. For patients with chronic health conditions, an Internal Medicine provider can assist in coordinating care and improve communication between the patient and the specialists. In fact, they’ve received special training to assist those with multiple health issues for best outcomes. 

For those living with conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, chronic lung disease or hypertension, an internist might be the best fit for staying on top of symptoms and managing a cohesive, effective treatment plan.

Finding an internal medicine provider

Parkview Health has Internal Medicine providers at many convenient area locations. If you are interested in establishing care with a PPG – Internal Medicine provider, schedule online or call our 24/7 scheduling center at (877) PPG-TODAY.

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