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Parkview Residency Center FAQs

Patients & Visitors

The Parkview Residency Center offers the unique opportunity to have a resident physician as part of your care team.

Patients with a resident physician as part of their care team have access to:

If you require specialty care, the center’s staff will work with them seamlessly to ensure we are meeting your healthcare needs.

As a patient at Parkview Residency Center, you’re playing a vital role in advancing the medical education of physicians and supporting the future of medicine in our region.

Frequently asked questions about the Residency Center

What is a resident physician?

A resident physician is a doctor who recently graduated from medical school and is training in a specific specialty under the guidance of a supervising physician.

Is a resident physician a doctor?

Yes, a resident physician is a doctor qualified to diagnose and treat patients, prescribe medication and provide referrals for specialty care.

How does a resident physician differ from a supervising attending physician?

An attending physician has completed their residency training, is board-certified and serves as a supervisor and mentor for the resident physicians. A resident physician is undergoing training to be specialized in a specific area of practice.

Who will be my doctor during my appointment?

The resident physician will be your doctor during the appointment with the close supervision of their attending physician.

How long will my appointment last?

The duration of your appointment depends on the reason for the visit. Follow-up visits are approximately 10-15 minutes whereas visits for a new patient or a new medical concern may last 30 minutes to an hour.

What can I expect during my appointment? Will I be seen by two doctors?

During your appointment, you can expect to receive high-quality, individualized patient care.

Your care team will include both a resident physician and an attending physician. Together, they will develop a personalized treatment plan. It is possible you will be seen by both doctors during your appointment.

Resident physicians have reduced patient panels which means they have additional time to spend with patients answering questions and addressing concerns. 

What happens if I have a question that my resident physician can't answer?

The supervising attending physician will address your questions if the resident physician is unable to answer.

How will I be billed for my appointment?

Standard charges will be incurred during your appointment. Additional fees are not incurred for having a resident physician as part of your care team. All patient bills will reference the name of the attending physician. Find more information regarding Billing and Insurance here.