Second Opinions for Cancer

Second opinion from parkview cancer institute

Why get a second opinion?

Whether you have been newly diagnosed with cancer or have already begun a treatment plan, Parkview Cancer Institute is always available to provide a second opinion. We understand that receiving a cancer diagnosis can leave you with many questions and that you are likely anxious to begin treatment. Early detection and treatment are important variables in the cancer journey. That’s why Parkview Cancer Institute believes in providing second opinions quickly and efficiently, while providing a thorough review and recommendation, all with the goal of providing you much needed peace of mind.

A second opinion is meant to:

  • Confirm or correct a prior diagnosis
  • Determine the stage and extent of the cancer
  • Determine applicable alternative therapies outside of your current treatment plan
  • Provide input from a subspecialized multidisciplinary team of experts
  • Allow access to applicable clinical trials

You may also seek a second opinion for other reasons, including:

  • Your current providers aren’t sure how to proceed with your care plan
  • You want the opinion of a specialist in your specific type of cancer
  • You are unsure which treatment option to choose
  • You have a rare cancer
  • You do not feel all your needs are being met with your current provider
  • Additional reassurance of your path forward

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Why should I get a second opinion from Parkview Cancer Institute?

Parkview Cancer Institute has unique surgical options and innovative clinical trials not available elsewhere in the region. Our oncology experts are subspecialized, meaning if you have breast cancer, your treatment team will consist of experts who only treat breast cancers – they aren’t seeing patients with any other type of cancer. This focus allows more exposure and experience, and a concentrated level of expertise.

Parkview Cancer Institute is a certified member of MD Anderson Cancer Network®, having met rigorous standards to participate in MD Anderson’s quality improvement and best practices program. As part of the affiliation, the certified physicians of Parkview Cancer Institute can tap into the expertise of MD Anderson and may collaborate with faculty to develop treatment plans for patients. This collaboration will elevate the quality of cancer care in the region and help us better serve our patients.

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