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Safe Sleep Program

Sleeping shouldn't be dangerous for baby

Protecting your baby is so important. You probably already take many precautions to keep your precious baby safe. But what about when your child is sleeping? Parkview Health has created the Safe Slumber program to help you keep your baby safe. To reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and accidental suffocation, the American Academy of Pediatrics, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Cribs for Kids, and the CDC provide specific recommendations for infant sleep.

The ABCs of safe sleep

Evidence shows that babies sleep safest when they sleep Alone, on their Backs, in an empty Crib and in a Drug-Free Home

  • A – Alone, but not lonely. Babies should sleep in a crib or Pack n’ Play by themselves, but near mom, for every sleep time for at least six months up to a year.  Room Share – Not Bed Share
  • B – Back. Babies should always be put to bed on their backs.
  • C – Cribs and Pack n’ Plays with a firm, safety approved mattress are safe sleep environments. Nothing should be in the crib (no pillows, loose blankets, or stuffed animals) until baby is at least 1 year of age. Use only a tightly fitted sheet for the mattress.
  • D – Drug-free home. Anything that reduces your alertness or ability to respond to your baby, such as alcohol, drugs or certain medications, can pose a risk and/ or impair your judgement, putting your baby’s safety at risk.

Parkview’s Safe Slumber program

Parkview wants parents to be aware of the risks of unsafe sleep practices. That’s why our Family Birthing Centers implemented the Safe Slumber program. Parkview makes it a policy to use sleep sacks in all Parkview Family Birthing Centers.

  • All Parkview Family Birthing Centers use sleep sacks to swaddle infants. Following delivery, each mom is shown how to properly dress her baby in a sleep sack.
  • Sleep sacks are available for sale in all Parkview gift shops.
  • Breastfeeding moms are cautioned not to feed baby in an unsafe position. Parkview lactation consultants advise each mom on proper upright positioning so she can stay awake and return baby safely to the crib after breastfeeding. Breastfeeding support is offered individually or in group settings, both in-person and virtually. For more information, call Parkview Community Nursing at 260-266-2472.
  • Safe Sleep Education is free for everyone and is offered virtually and in-person. Safety-approved portable cribs are available for parents who qualify and do not have a safe place for their baby to sleep.  The parent is required to complete a Parkview Safe Slumber education class.  Parents or expectant parents interested in learning about the program should call Parkview Community Nursing at 260-266-2472.
  • Parent to Parent classes are also offered individually or in group settings both in-person and virtually. For more information, call Parkview Community Nursing at 260-266-2472.

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