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Frequently Asked Questions

How many residency positions are available?

Five PGY1 Pharmacy, one PGY1 Community-Based, one each year for PGY1/PGY2 HSPAL, two PGY2 Ambulatory Care, one PGY2 Critical Care, and one PGY2 Internal Medicine.

What teaching opportunities are there for residents?
  • Residents will play an active role in precepting Doctor of Pharmacy students who are scheduled on rotation with them.  Parkview trains students from Purdue University, Butler University, Ohio Northern University, University of Toledo, Manchester University and other academic institutions.
  • Residents are encouraged to participate in the Indiana Pharmacy Teaching Certificate Program (IPTeC) coordinated with Purdue University and Butler University Colleges of Pharmacy.
  • Residents give formal presentations to the Pharmacy staff on many of their rotation experiences. In addition, residents provide in-service education to various healthcare professionals throughout the health system.
  • Residents have the opportunity to provide a didactic lecture and/or participate in pharmacy practice laboratory sessions at Manchester University College of Pharmacy.
  • Residents provide Doctor of Pharmacy students topic discussions throughout the year. These topic discussions are held solely with the resident being the content expert in the room.
What is the licensure policy for residents?

All residents entering the program must be fully licensed by September 30. Failure to become licensed by this date will likely result in the resident's dismissal from the program.