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Services and specialties at Parkview Southwest Outpatient Center

Last Modified: November 02, 2023

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With the doors officially open at the Parkview Southwest Outpatient Center, Gail Altekruse, vice president of operations, Parkview Southwest Outpatient Center, provides an overview of the offerings on the new campus.

The considerations

When deciding what services and specialties to bring to this part of Allen County, it really came down to requests from community members who were already part of the Parkview family and seeing Parkview providers. They wanted the same offerings, closer to home, so we responded to their need.

Learn more about the vision for Parkview Southwest here.

The campus

The Parkview Southwest campus consists of four buildings:

Building 1: PPG – Primary Care

Building 2: The new Parkview Southwest Outpatient Center

Building 3: Medical office building that will be transformed into a Women’s & Children’s center

Building 4: Surgery center

The Parkview Southwest Outpatient Center

When considering the services and specialties in the new outpatient center, we looked at the specialties that would benefit most from having lab, imaging and other services close by. We wanted to make it convenient for the patient to see their doctor and do follow-up tests in the same place.

The first floor of the Parkview Southwest Outpatient Center is for the Emergency Room/Urgent Care. We also have outpatient services, including a full lab and imaging, including general x-ray, CT scan, MRI, DEXA, mammography, ultrasound and echocardiogram, as well as other services, like pulmonary function testing, home sleep studies and treadmill stress tests.

The second floor of the Parkview Southwest Outpatient Center contains three modules for physician specialties, with 15 rooms in each module, 45 rooms total.  This hoteling concept allows for different specialties to provide care from different physicians, depending on the need.

The specialties currently offered on the second floor include:

By the end of 2023, this list will include:

On the third floor of the Parkview Southwest Outpatient Center, we’re thrilled to have Ortho NorthEast. The close proximity to specialties on the second floor will be a benefit to patients and physicians, alike.

We’re beyond excited to provide these hospital-level services to patients on the southwest side of Allen County. Our hope is that the convenient options and design of the campus make managing you and your family’s well-being just that much easier.

Get a map of the campus and learn more at

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