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Surgeries at Parkview Ortho Hospital are performed by the board-certified orthopedic specialists of Ortho NorthEast (ONE). Your specialist team will discuss your diagnosis, available treatment options and help you select the best plan to help you live an active life.

The subspecialized, orthopedic expertise of Ortho NorthEast providers at Parkview Ortho Hospital is what sets our ortho care apart from the others. With specific teams dedicated to total joint replacements, spine, trauma, orthopedic oncology, sports medicine, and hand and foot procedures, you know that you’re in expert hands. This philosophy of providing expert care to whatever specific condition you may have is the foundation for our physicians’ and our care teams’ dedication to patient-focused care.

Subspecialized orthopedic care


Parkview Ortho Hospital is partially physician owned by: Jeffrey Barr, William Berghoff, Lorinda Browning, David Conner, James Danias, Scott Davis, Douglas Dohl, Ahmer Ghori, David Goertzen, Ward Hamlet, Jeffery Harris, Jeffrey Hartzell, Megan Hartzell, Jason Heisler, Christopher Johnson, Jon Karl, Scott Karr, Tyler Keena, Shantanu Kulkarni, Christopher LaSalle, Sarah LaSalle, Michael Lee, Jonathon Lynch, Alan McGee, John Pritchard, Micah Smith, Mathew Stephens, John Williams, Leamon Williams, David Wittbrodt and Stephen Wright.


Meet Our Team

photo of William Berghoff, MD

William Berghoff, MD

photo of David Conner, MD

David Conner, MD

photo of James Danias, MD

James Danias, MD

photo of Samuel Finck, DO

Samuel Finck, DO

photo of William Geisert, MD

William Geisert, MD

photo of Ahmer Ghori, MD

Ahmer Ghori, MD

photo of David Goertzen, MD

David Goertzen, MD

photo of Ward Hamlet, MD

Ward Hamlet, MD

photo of Jeffrey Harris, MD

Jeffrey Harris, MD

photo of Jeffrey Hartzell, MD

Jeffrey Hartzell, MD

photo of Jason Heisler, MD

Jason Heisler, MD

photo of Christopher Johnson, DO

Christopher Johnson, DO

photo of Sean Karr, MD

Sean Karr, MD

photo of Kevin Kolovich, MD

Kevin Kolovich, MD

photo of Christopher LaSalle, MD

Christopher LaSalle, MD

photo of Michael Lee, MD

Michael Lee, MD

photo of David Luo, MD

David Luo, MD

photo of Jonathan Lynch, MD

Jonathan Lynch, MD

photo of Alan McGee Jr., MD

Alan McGee Jr., MD

photo of John Pritchard, MD

John Pritchard, MD

photo of Micah Smith, MD

Micah Smith, MD

photo of Jason Ummel, MD

Jason Ummel, MD

photo of John Williams, MD

John Williams, MD

photo of Leamon Williams, MD

Leamon Williams, MD

photo of David Wittbrodt, MD

David Wittbrodt, MD

photo of Stephen Wright, MD

Stephen Wright, MD

photo of Steven Wynder, MD

Steven Wynder, MD

photo of John Akers, PA

John Akers, PA

photo of Jocelyn Bellairs, PA

Jocelyn Bellairs, PA

photo of Matthew Bienz, PA

Matthew Bienz, PA

photo of Andrew Bollier, PA

Andrew Bollier, PA

photo of Catherine Byers, PA

Catherine Byers, PA

photo of April Christlieb, PA

April Christlieb, PA

photo of Karl Cordes, PA

Karl Cordes, PA

photo of Sherise Deardorff, PA

Sherise Deardorff, PA

photo of Dustin DeMuth, PA

Dustin DeMuth, PA

photo of Samuel Dismuke, PA

Samuel Dismuke, PA

photo of Ashley Dunn, PA

Ashley Dunn, PA

photo of Kaitlin Etzcorn, PA

Kaitlin Etzcorn, PA

photo of Lynnae Fiechter, PA

Lynnae Fiechter, PA

photo of Cindy Fordyce, PA

Cindy Fordyce, PA

photo of Logan Galbraith, PA

Logan Galbraith, PA

photo of Katherine Gerali-Grey, PA

Katherine Gerali-Grey, PA

photo of Robert Gibas, PA

Robert Gibas, PA

photo of Crystal Heminger, PA

Crystal Heminger, PA

photo of Nathan Hyde, PA

Nathan Hyde, PA

photo of Kelly Karr, PA

Kelly Karr, PA

photo of Kaitlyn King, PA

Kaitlyn King, PA

photo of Lindsey Klopfenstein, PA

Lindsey Klopfenstein, PA

photo of Jason Knisely, PA

Jason Knisely, PA

photo of Michael Koenig, PA

Michael Koenig, PA

photo of Andrea Lanning, NP

Andrea Lanning, NP

photo of Brandon McCarty, PA

Brandon McCarty, PA

photo of Holly McCarty, PA

Holly McCarty, PA

photo of Alexander Nehls, PA

Alexander Nehls, PA

photo of Adreanna Potts, PA

Adreanna Potts, PA

photo of Adam Pratt, PA

Adam Pratt, PA

photo of Nathaniel Roach, PA

Nathaniel Roach, PA

photo of Brittney Sloan, PA

Brittney Sloan, PA

photo of Heather Smith, PA

Heather Smith, PA

photo of Kristin Tait, PA

Kristin Tait, PA

photo of Laura Tirpak, PA

Laura Tirpak, PA

photo of Jennifer Tobin, PA

Jennifer Tobin, PA

photo of Cayla Vorndran, PA

Cayla Vorndran, PA

photo of Fay Walker, PA

Fay Walker, PA

photo of Jeffrey Williams, PA

Jeffrey Williams, PA

photo of Brian Yochim, PA

Brian Yochim, PA

photo of Elizabeth Zebrowski, PA

Elizabeth Zebrowski, PA