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The vision for the Parkview Southwest Outpatient Center

Last Modified: October 26, 2023



As we open the doors to the Parkview Southwest Outpatient Center, John Bowen, president, Parkview Regional Medical Center & Affiliates shares some of the considerations that went into the new facility and the southwest campus.


As leaders worked on plans for Parkview Southwest, the vision was to design a campus, not just for today, but for the next 10, 15, or 20 years. Technology is an integral piece of this forward thinking. Patients will have access to things like On My Way and check-in kiosks, right away, but the southwest location is designed to support more technology and innovation in the years to come. 


More and more, healthcare is moving toward outpatient care, so the vision for Parkview Southwest was to have everything our patients would need from a hospital, except the inpatient beds. This includes lab, imaging and other key outpatient services, as well as access to specialty care services and an ambulatory surgery center.

This also extends to the Urgent Care/Emergency Room model at Parkview Southwest. Instead of patients or caregivers trying to decide the level of care they need, they can come in, see a qualified team, including a board-certified physician, and, depending on the diagnosis, be billed for the level of care and services needed.  

These services were selected with the patient in mind, including ease of access and the priorities of their needs.

Parkview worked closely with community partners and area residents to design and build a campus and outpatient center to serve those on the southwest side for years to come, and it’s outstanding watching the vision come to fruition.


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