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Emergency and Urgent Care at Parkview Southwest Outpatient Center

Last Modified: November 09, 2023

Family Medicine


The doors are open at the Parkview Southwest Outpatient Center, which means patients are able to utilize our new Urgent Care/Emergency Room services. Thomas Gutwein, MD, physician executive, Emergency Department and Pre-Hospital, Parkview Health, walks us through this exciting approach to care in your moment of need.

The considerations

Sometimes, when illness or injury strikes, it’s obvious what level of medical intervention is needed. While other times, it’s less clear. When we began developing concepts for the Parkview Southwest Outpatient Center, we wanted to offer patients something different. We wanted to take the guesswork out of these walk-in care decisions.

See more on the vision for Parkview Southwest here.

A new model of care

At Parkview Southwest, we can deliver both emergency and urgent levels of service. If our team of experts determine that you or your loved one’s injury or illness is minor, and only requires Walk-In Clinic services, we’ll treat it as such and, most importantly, bill you for that level of service.

If you or your loved one require Emergency Room services and care, we will treat accordingly and bill for an ER visit. The important thing is that we are able to deliver quality care, with Emergency Room nurses and physicians board-certified in Emergency Medicine.

See more on the services and specialties at Parkview Southwest here.


There are some circumstances in which a patient would need to be taken to a trauma center immediately, such as when they are experiencing cardiac arrest. We have worked with our local EMS to outline this criterion.

When the unexpected arises, and you need medical assistance, we are here to help. Our standard of care and overall goal is to do what’s best for the patient. We hope you don’t, but if you do need emergency care, we are committed to delivering the best results for you.  

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