Navigating your care

From diagnosis to recovery, you want someone on your team. That's where our patient navigators come in. We have a wealth of knowledge, decades of experience and a sincere empathy for people facing cancer. Our goal is to help you navigate your care for a better outcome.

Your patient navigators will work collaboratively with experienced social workers, nutritionists, case managers, oncology financial navigators, physicians, nurses, technicians and hospital staff  – as well as other caregivers and outside agencies – to ensure quality of life for you and your family.

Patient navigators:

  • Assess patient needs to identify physical, emotional, spiritual, psychosocial, dietary and financial concerns
  • Provide education on the disease process, treatment options and the side effects of treatment
  • Answer general insurance questions
  • Assist with obtaining drugs prescribed by your physician
  • Connect you and your family with hospital and community resources specific to your needs
  • Assist with home needs such as home health or hospice care, extended-care facility placement and/or equipment and treatment needs
  • Help with transportation needs
  • Provide emotional support throughout the continuum of care

Patient navigators will link you to these and other resources:

  • Transportation assistance
  • Home health or hospice care
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Patient assistance programs for medications
  • Programs to assist with Medicaid and Social Security Disability applications
  • Support groups/counselors
  • Wigs/scarves/prosthetics
  • Dietary consultants
  • Alternate/complementary therapies
  • Cancer information
  • Homebound meals/nutritional supplements

Meet our patient navigators

Lauren Bodnar, RN, BSN, OCN

Oncology Patient Navigator – Upper GI

Tessa Shepherd, RN, BSN, OCN

Oncology Patient Navigator – Genitourinary, Male Reproductive, Head and Neck

Carolyne Newburn, RN, BSN, BS

Oncology Patient Navigator - Lymphoma/Leukemia/Myeloma, Sarcoma, Skin and Thyroid

Melissa Baker, RN, MPM

Oncology Patient Navigator - Lung, Brain/Nervous System

Amanda Turner, RN, BSN

Oncology Patient Navigator - Breast

Tracy Busch, RN, BSN

Oncology Patient Navigator - Lower GI/Colorectal  

Hilary Biddle, RN

Oncology Patient Navigator - Female Reproductive and unknown primary cancers

Trudy Sloan, RN, BSN

Oncology Patient Navigator – Toracic

Laura Hughes, RN

Oncology Patient Navigator – Breast

You’re encouraged to contact them with questions and concerns at 833-724-8326.