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Parkview Outpatient Telemedicine Clinics

Providing access to the nation's top pediatric experts, right here at home.

The Parkview Outpatient Telemedicine Clinics at Parkview Regional Medical Center provide easily accessible consultations with world-class experts in pediatric neurosurgery, rheumatology and drug-resistant epilepsy for families in northeast Indiana. Our innovative telemedicine clinics allow you and your physician to conduct video conferences with a specialist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the No. 1 ranked pediatric hospital in the U.S.*, bringing the advanced care close to home, reducing or even eliminating the need for travel.

Through our collaboration with Cincinnati Children’s, Parkview is bringing an even higher level of pediatric care to the children in our region.

*U.S. News and World Report 2022 – 2023 Best Children’s Hospitals Honor Roll ranking


Specialized pediatric services

At the Parkview Outpatient Telemedicine Clinics, patients can receive the following services while visiting virtually with their Cincinnati Children’s specialty providers:


  • Examinations and consultations
  • Follow-up care
  • Diagnostics and testing
  • Post-surgical examinations


  • Examinations and consultations
  • Diagnostic imaging including DT and MRI
  • Comprehensive lab evaluation
  • Infusion therapies

Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

  • Complete medical history
  • Examinations and consultations
  • Specialized care options, including drug trials, surgery and dietary treatments

Frequently asked questions

Why am I going to Parkview Regional Medical Center to see a Cincinnati Children’s specialist?

Your child’s provider is recommending a telehealth appointment with a pediatric specialist who has a high level of training and experience in the type of care your child needs. Parkview Health and Cincinnati Children’s have a partnership that allows your family to stay closer to home and have an appointment with the specialist by video visit.

Why do we need to go to Parkview if the appointment is virtual?

By going in-person to Parkview, members of our pediatric team will be able to do a physical exam of your child while talking to the specialist in Cincinnati, if needed. The type of telehealth technology that the teams will use to talk to each other is more sophisticated than at-home technology, which will ensure the highest-level of telehealth visit possible.

Who will provide my child’s care after the first appointment?

Your child’s pediatrician, or the doctor who made the specialist referral, will work closely with the Cincinnati Children’s and Parkview doctors to make a plan to meet your child’s needs. All of the doctors involved will have access to your child’s medical record, and they will work with your family to make a care plan that works for you.

Is it possible that we will need to travel to Cincinnati Children’s in Cincinnati, Ohio to continue the plan of care?

Yes, it is possible, but many patients will not need to travel. The goal will be to provide the right level of care to your child, as close to your home as possible. If your child’s plan of care includes treatment that is not available in your area, you will be provided a list of options for where to go for care. You will be able to choose the next step that makes sense for your family.

If I have questions about the appointment or need to reschedule, who should I contact?

Please contact Parkview scheduling at 260-266-5400.

Parkview Outpatient Telemedicine Clinics
11123 Parkview Plaza Drive, Entrance 2C, Suite 200

Learn more about the Parkview Health and Cincinnati Children’s collaboration.

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