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Well-Child Visits

It is simply not enough to only visit the doctor’s office when your child is sick or in need of a sports physical. Healthy children need regular wellness exams. Well-child visits are regularly scheduled appointments where a pediatrician or primary care provider takes a closer look at the health, growth and development of your child. Wellness exams allow your child’s provider to check for health concerns and determine if something is keeping your child from growing up healthy.

Having regularly scheduled well-child visits are very important to review your child’s overall health, growth and development. For kids, a sports physical determines your child’s ability to safely participate in sports. When performed by a school or clinic, a sports physical does not take the place of your child’s routinely scheduled well-child visit with a primary care provider. Well-child visits include a sports exam. Please indicate if your child will need a sports exam during their wellness visit, and proper documentation will be provided.

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Well-child visits include:

  • Gathering family medical history
  • Physical exam
  • Scheduled immunizations
  • Developmental milestone screenings
  • Growth screenings
  • Safe and confidential counseling about social and mental challenges
  • Sports physicals
  • Tips on healthy eating
  • Referrals for diagnosis and/or treatment, when needed

Many insurance plans now cover up to 100% of wellness and immunization visits for children. Check with your insurance provider for details of your plan’s coverage.

Developmental Milestones

Growth and developmental milestones help you see how your child is developing compared with other children the same age.

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Choosing to have your child vaccinated is one of the most effective ways you can protect them from a number of preventable diseases.

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