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Cardiometabolic Clinic

The Cardiometabolic Clinic at Parkview Heart Institute is here to provide care to those patients who have been diagnosed with cardiometabolic syndrome. The clinic’s care team serves patients with diagnoses of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. When combined, these conditions put you at an increased risk for serious complications and future cardiovascular events.

The Cardiometabolic Clinic at Parkview Heart Institute provides:

  • Coordinated care by the clinic care team, beginning with a thorough assessment and followed by additional testing as appropriate, education, treatment and support. At Parkview Heart Institute, all aspects of care will be provided in one convenient location.
  • Specialized treatments that deliver cutting-edge technology and an individualized treatment plan that addresses the unique ways that you experience heart disease and diabetes.
  • Prescriptions, including state-of-the art medications to improve blood sugar and reduce cardiovascular risk.
  • A team approach: physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, wellness coaches and diabetic educators who will collaborate to help you achieve your goals.
  • Education about your medications, dietary considerations and physical activities to best manage your health.
  • Answers to your questions.
Appointments and referrals

See how to be referred to the Cardiometabolic Clinic and what to expect as a new patient.

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Lawrence Gering, MD

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Andrew Olson, DO

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Charles Presti, MD

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