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Expanding access to free fresh fruits and vegetables for those in need

Eating fruits and vegetables is essential to our diets and plays an important role in maintaining and improving health and wellness. They have the power to preserve our lives. But for some, it can be challenging to buy the right amount of fresh produce to fuel good health. That’s why Parkview Health developed the VeggieRx program.

About the program

VeggieRx is a produce program proven to boost fruit and vegetable consumption for residents of Allen, Huntington, Kosciusko, and LaGrange Counties who are in need and experiencing diet-related health issues.

The USDA grant-funded initiative allows those meeting health and financial eligibility requirements to purchase $50 in fresh produce each month for six months and attend four nutrition education sessions with a Parkview registered dietitian.

You must have a referral from your healthcare provider to participate.

Who is eligible for the program?

Adults over 18 and a resident of Allen, Huntington, Kosciusko, and LaGrange Counties with at least one of the following chronic health conditions:

  • Diabetes or prediabetes
  • Heart disease (CAD, CHF)
  • Hypertension
  • At-risk pregnancy
  • Obesity
    • Greater than 30 BMI for adults
    • Pediatric obesity greater than the 95th percentile for children ages 7-18. There are a limited number of referrals for pediatric patients ages 7-18.

And at least one of the following additional criteria:

  • Medicaid OR dual eligible Medicare/Medicaid
  • Uninsured
  • Food insecurity, based on a response of "sometimes true" or "often true" to the following statements:
    • The food we buy does not last
    • We do not have money to buy more.
How to get a provider referral

Applicants must have a provider referral to join the program. If you need a referral, contact your healthcare provider to express interest in obtaining a VeggieRx referral.

Providers who are unfamiliar with the program and would like additional information can call VeggieRx for information at 260-266-3363 or email the program at

Once a referral is made, a member of our team will be in touch with you to complete the enrollment process.

Next steps

If your healthcare provider recommends VeggieRx for you and you complete the program’s enrollment process, you will be scheduled for your first nutrition education session at a location in your county, complete a survey and learn about how and where to use your VeggieRx dollars.

Where can my Fresh Connect card be used?

Your Fresh Connect card can be used at locations in low-food access areas in downtown and south-central Fort Wayne including some area farmers’ markets and retailers. More information on where to use the VeggieRx dollars will be coming soon.

For more information

If you would like to learn more about the program, or would like to speak with a VeggieRx representative, complete our contact form.

Fill out the VeggieRx form