Standards of Behavior

Our mission to improve health and inspire well-being in the communities we serve is achieved, in part, by exceeding the expectations of our patients, families and guests. The Parkview Standards of Behavior guide us in providing excellence, innovation and value our patients seek in terms of convenience, compassion, service, cost and quality.

We know that an environment of excellence is the best place for co-workers to work, physicians to practice medicine and patients to receive care.

Clinical, operational and service excellence is important to Parkview’s success, and our success enables us to continue with our mission in the community.

Adherence to these standards is reflected in co-worker performance evaluations and merit increases.

I am Parkview Health

We are proud of our association with Parkview and the mission to serve our community.

Resolve Issues

We prevent and resolve issues to maintain customer confidence.

Exceed Expectations

We seek to understand and exceed our customers’ service expectations.

Service Excellence

We consider individual customer needs and provide service with respect, compassion and integrity.


We demonstrate pride in the professionalism of our personal appearance and in the appearance of our facility.

Enhance Performance

We improve the processes that deliver service to our customers.


We guarantee confidentiality and respect all aspects of customer privacy.

Together, We’re Better

We partner together to enhance the quality of service we deliver to our customers.