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Psychology Internship

Park Center, Inc. APA Accredited Doctoral Clinical and Counseling Psychology Internship (Residency) Program

The psychology internship program at Park Center, Inc. Parkview Behavioral Health Institute was established in August 1987. This internship, developed within the context of a community mental health center, affords the intern with a broad continuum of clinical training opportunities including assessment, evaluation, consultation, planning, and direct treatment in a multidisciplinary, culturally diverse setting.

The interns (residents) work with a widely varied client population in different service modalities, as well as, receive training through weekly supervision and didactic seminars. Park Center, Inc. Parkview Behavioral Health Institute psychology (residency) internship provides broad-based eclectic training in clinical work with children, adolescents, adults and their families, as well as training in supervision and consultation in step with today’s changing healthcare requirements.

Placement for PBHI's Doctoral Internship occurs through the APPIC match process.

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